The xx - xx
(85->100) Them: you better not be a dark horse pick for potential best indie pop album of the 2000s when I get there. Like istg if I get there and you use minimalism to give your soundscapes incredibly beautiful amounts of space it’s over


Them: like I will lose it if when I’m there you are stunning in your idea to play things exactly how they are laid out live creating one of the most stunning musical self-portraits put into album format


Them: like if I get there and ... read more

Autechre - Incunabula
Autechre place themselves in the studio album space for the first time with Incunabula, a 78 minute album that intricately balances IDM and ambient techno. Even this early in their career, they find themselves making some of the most compelling and masterful electronic tracks imaginable.

Picture this: you’re going about your average day, when out of nowhere, you’re floating in the air, being abducted into a U.F.O by aliens. In shock and terror, you’re floated up to a ... read more

Spoon - Kill The Moonlight
Kill the Moonlight is a framework, a simple set of catchy hooks and wonderful percussion elements. Spoon will build upon these in later releases, but even in some of their more early forms, they tend to work pretty well.

Sometimes in music, basics work best. This has been a very historically true maxim for a lot of rock music, and it very much works for Spoon on Kill the Moonlight. While future Spoon albums would be more textured and stylistically defined, this is Spoon stripped down to their ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
i have said "review coming soon" for a lot of shit and not followed up with it but i promise you guys this time it's gonna happen
Jimmy Fallon - Blow Your Pants Off
Hello! I should probably explain what’s gonna happen to this account and if y’all are ever gonna see me again LOL (TLDR at end)

So as time has continuously passed, I have found RYM to be a significantly more fun and interactive way for me to catalog music than AOTY. I find that since I initially landed on AOTY, RYM has worked out its rough patches, and I’ve additionally kinda fully learned the site. As a result, I will be (if we’re being fully honest with ourselves, ... read more

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
Hey, just a heads up, while I think I am gonna get back into music cataloguing-related shit, I am very ambivalent over whether or not I am gonna do it on AOTY as opposed to RYM. In case I leave, thanks for the support over the years! <3
Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
Sorry guys I just took their advice
Panic! at the Disco - Viva Las Vengeance
Two years ago, I almost gave Pray For The Wicked a green score. Today, on New Year’s Adam, I deem Panic!’s latest release my second least favorite album of all time.

I stood outside my house at the end of a walk for like 10 minutes trying to process what I was listening to

Muse - Will of the People
The first two tracks on this slap and I was prepared to love this and be so cunty about it and then it just got so much worse

we are getting fucked

Mori Calliope - Shinigami Note
I know that you won’t gloat got my shinigami note on
Everything’s okay woah my shinigami note
Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet
(89->100) genuinely feel like a scholar in ambient after this relisten
Skee Mask - Compro
twerked it up to this one fr
You know those memes where a kpop fan expresses their condolences for someone's death but then turns around and says they should've stanned LOONA? While incredibly distasteful, this song does sound like it'll be replacing life support equipment in hospitals soon.

All jokes aside, this is one of the best songs ever, English or Korean. The buzz all around the song actually gives me very slight vibes of Slowdive-class shoegaze and more happily produced PPR. The vocal delivery being some of the ... read more

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
people always come up with incredibly intricate answers for "why do you listen to music" like mate just show em this song they'll understand
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
bonefish *the sound of a synth being choked to death*
Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - Whiteboyz
You’ve already made a song with this title and that was three songs more with this title than we needed
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
oh my fucking god holy fucking shit jesus what the shit holy shit the fucking fuck
Boris - W
I’m gonna listen to this despite never listening to Boris because the review is so fucking easy.

Is it bad? Say “For an album called W, Boris really took an L here”
Is it good? Say “They really titled the album correctly, didn’t they”

(UPDATE: Following through with this)

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