Quet -
[Intro: Jaira Burns, Miyeon, Madison Beer, & Soyeon]
Hey, hey, hey
Hey-hey-hey-hey, hey
You know who it is, coming 'round again
You want a dose of this right now
It's K/DA, uh!

[Verse 1: Soyeon & Madison Beer]
I'm a goddess with a blade
소리쳐봐 내 이름
잊지 못하게 loud, loud, loud, loud
I could take it to the top
절대 멈추지 못해
내가 끝내주는 bad gal, gal, gal
And when I start to talk like that (Like that)
Oh, you won't know how to react
I'm a picture-perfect ... read more
Quet -
New Zealand artists stop releasing Maori versions of their songs challenge
Quet -
Bruh at least make your homophobic song good smh
Quet -
juno wantanabe on my ree
Quet -
I’ve never been more disappointed.
Quet -
Yeah it’s awful but I love it so much
Quet -
Let’s not distract the k-pop community so they don’t cancel Riot Games

Regardless, it still goes dummy hard
Quet -
If I were to rate analytically, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning would be my highest rated folk album.
Quet -
Fleet Foxes debut with a lush sound that I wish was less common. Still, the performances on the album win me over most of the time.
Quet -
After infamous delays and failed deadlines, Kanye releases DONDA, his best album to date.
Quet -
Fun fact: the only repercussion drake doesn’t deserve was the Kanye doxxing

If you’re a drake fan, why
Quet -
I feel like for the artist behind this EP to recover, they’d have to fish for completely different genres. It’s an amalgamation of some of the worst listening experiences I’ve ever had.
Quet -
With a few exceptions in the middle, Halsey’s strange collaboration with Trent Reznor ends up working in spades on If I Can’t Have Love, I Want POWER.
Quet -
They make THE CREDITS unique. I think that’s all I need to say.
Quet -
While Lilac does see IU performing far under the standards set by the out-of-nowhere album Palette, it does manage to deliver a sigh of relief after such an awful lead single.
Quet -
While the highs of Animal’s second half beat its predecessor, the first half doesn’t even come close, sometimes even succumbing to a safe brand of indie pop.
Quet -
In theory, I should be head over heels for Mood Valiant, with Hiatus Kaiyote giving us african-textures combined with heavy emphasis on experimentation. Unfortunately, both the former and the latter have some wrinkles that still need to be ironed out, despite being three albums in now.
Quet -
Despite some decent production, everything else on ENERGY feels as if it was thrown together in three seconds, especially the features.
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