Pusha T - Daytona
This album is art. The way Pusha raps about how he sells drugs might seem repetitive to some people but he always entertains me with it. The album has no skips at all and its only 21 minutes. This is for sure top 5 of 2018. Kanye's production is great too. The Kanye feature was alright but Pusha did most of the work on Daytona.
Fav songs: TGWP, IYKYK, Come Back Baby
Least fav song: WWMD
Pusha T - King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
Pusha's best album so far. I really enjoyed the features on here and Pusha too. The album sounds more darker than his previous projects. You get the usual coke bar here and there too.
Fav songs: MPA, Sunshine, Untouchable
Least fav song: CCC
Pusha T - My Name Is My Name
This album is nice. Better than FOG2LUP. This could be up to par with Daytona. It features nice guests artists, and nice beats. Push improved with this album.
Fav songs: Numbers on the Board, King Push, Nosetalgia
Least fav song: 40 Acres
Pusha T - Fear of God II: Let Us Pray
Good debut with nice trap beats. Push as usual talks about drugs and gangs on here, and in typical fashion he delivers evey single time. His voice matches the instrumentals and this is a must listen imo.
Fav songs: Raid, Alone in Vegas, Trouble On My Mind
Least fav song: Everything That Glitters
Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
Kanye tries a gospel sound to this, but unlike his other works this one flopped. It has a good sound, its just very boring. Only 3 good songs and thats it. I don't have much to say it's just that it's boring asf.
Fav songs: Follow God, Use This Gospel, Selah
Least fav song: Closed On Sunday
Best project out of the Wyoming spree in 2018. Kanye and Cudi's connection is fantastic and they did not disappoint. Very short album with its very high highs, this is a must listen if you want to see how good music was in 2018.
Fav songs: Cudi Montage, Feel the Love, Reborn
Least fav song: Kids See Ghosts
Kanye West - ye
2nd listen and this album got better. I love Kanye expresses his feelings on this album, he does it well. With songs like Yikes he still gives off that "give no fucks" character onto this song.
Fav songs: Ghost Town, Yikes, ITAKY
Least fav song: No Mistakes
Like a mini MBDTF just way worse. The production kinda got worse and its the same length. The features were nice tho and Kanye snapped on No More Parties In LA.
Fav songs: NMPILA, Ultralight Beam, Saint Pablo
Least fav song: Freestyle 4
Kanye West - Yeezus
Great experimental record. Kanye tries another new sound with him using his 808's sound to even make it better. The production might be the best produced album by Kanye.
Fav songs: Blood on the Leaves, Hold My Liquor, New Slaves
Least fav song: Send it Up
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Watch the Throne
Very good album with nice production. Frank killed both of his features and Jay had fire verses as usual. Kanye wasn't bad either.
Fav songs: Niggas in Paris, Otis, Made in America
Least fav song: New Day
Wow, just wow. I love every song on here. The only flaw it has that some songs are long but that isn't really a big problem. Production, features, everything is fantastic. One of the best music listens I've had in a while.
Fav songs: So Appalled, Devil In A New Dress, Gorgeous
Least fav song: /
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
This album is about Heartbreak (no shit). Kanye tries a new style with autotune which changed the game for hip-hop. Is it good tho? Yeah and no. The autotune can sound annoying at times but isn't bad. This is one of the best influential rap albums of our generation.
Fav songs: Street Lights, Love Lockdown, Heartless
Least fav song: Coldest Winter
Kanye West - Graduation
My favourite Kanye album. Although not the best i enjoyed everything. Kanye's rapping was kinda declining, still wasn't bad. D&HG is very disappointing but overhated. The EDM style of production is nice too.
Fav songs: Big Brother, Stronger, I Wonder
Least fav song: Drunk and Hot Girls
Kanye West - Late Registration
This 2nd Kanye album as the last one is immaculate. Tho its has its flaws, some songs feel kinda slow. The features are again fire with the "Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix" being my favourite guest verse. Production is always good and the skits fit to the theme even more.
Fav songs: We Major, Hey Mama, Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix
Least fav song: /
Kanye West - The College Dropout
This Kanye album is immaculate. The features were perfectly placed. The skits fit with the theme of the Album well. Kanye as usual gives off no bad verses. The production is quality and for Kanye's career to start like this, it's W.
Fav songs: Jesus Walks, Spaceships, Get em High
Least fav song: /
Frank Ocean - Blonde
This album is deep, slow and only focuses on its theme. The skits fit the album perfectly and lil clip at the end of Futura Free is W. I loved every single song on here and how Frank expresses his sexuality.
Fav songs: all of em
Least fav song: /
Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE
Love this album, i love Frank's singing and his lyrics. Frank is someone with a lot of good lyrics that go underlooked. I love the pace of this album too.
Fav songs: every song except "Sierra Leone"
Least fav song: Sierra Leone
A lot of food references, a lot. Very entertaining and as usual, DOOM raps fantastic, with the beats also being fire. There are a few skits here and there but that doesn't make the album worse.
Fav song: all of them
Least fav song: /
Madvillain - Madvillainy
Fantastic jazz rap project. Madlib beats are as always fantastic. DOOM's rapping and his word-play are also fantastic, especially on "Rhinestone Cowboy". His alter ego "Victor Vaughn" also makes an appearance on here. Overall a very good project.
Fav songs: all of them
Least fav song: /
Nas - The Lost Tapes II
The 2nd edition of the original Lost Tapes series which was really great. This was, eh. Nas was a bit preachy, on some songs and he kinda gave me that "Jesus Is King" vibe, but done better. While Lost Tapes 1 had standouts such as Purple, this really doesn't have a fan favourite of mine. It's good but it's like boring and preachy at the same time. It's like rap mixed with gospel, if you will.
Fav songs: Beautiful Life, No Bad Energy, The Art of It
Least fav song: Jarreau of Rap (Skatt ... read more
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