Tristan Null - Synthetic Nature
Jun 15, 2021
I truly enjoyed the modern, stylish and intriguing "Synthetic Nature” project. The album cover art is cool and works in its favor. It made me think of a dry lake named Groom Lake, which is part of Area 51, a place where people would like to go ”alien hunting”, but... xD.
If I had to imagine a story, I would say that the first section of the album seems to focus on certain inventions being developed in a top secret place. You did call it the “infant” side, so it could make sense.
- “Null Laboratories” and “Synthetic Nature X” are two great tracks which effectively describe the surroundings.
- "Robotic Legs" is an eerie track, which (maybe) presents a place where evil robots are currently being assembled (or there’s something else going on...). It’s my second favorite track from the first side, next after “Walking Through The Portal”.
- “The Forbidden Room” is self-explanatory, I guess.
- “Assembly Line” left me a bit conflicted given all of the previous (and upcoming) sounds. Maybe it’s too optimistic for its own good.
- “Little One” was passable until some strident beats took over at 0:45. :/ It was an almost unbearable minute. It’s the only track that I didn’t like on this record.
- “Walking Through The Portal” was the perfect medicine for my ears after “Little One”. It genuinely feels like entering a portal. Teleportation feels so exciting and scary at the same time. What if you end up in a wrong dimension?
Luckily, it’s not the case here, as we are teleported to the next side of the album, which makes for a greater experience, indeed. The first half of the album becomes now part of the past.
- “Acid Hall” is glorious and abstract. Can’t figure out what’s going on in there, it’s a mystery.
- "Station Delta" is where the “space story” officially starts. I consider it the friendliest track on the record and probably the only one where human presence is directly indicated. The "heyheyhey" vocals were fun. Did you perform them? I think this added another personal touch to the record, which is a great thing. I also noticed the “We need to go, we need to go” phrase on the final listen (before reviewing).
- “Hypochlorite” makes me think of an intergalactic race, then it looks like someone left a spaceship on “Autopilot”, though I don’t know many things about spaceships, so... xD.
- “A Rave on Mars” makes me think of a notable martian hosting this huge party on his planet, while “Deconstructed Lounge” shifts its focus on the guests; and by the sound of it, they are anything but kind.
- I think that “Orbit IV” leaves the door open for at least another space-themed album.
I am definitely including this record in the <<great albums>> spot (7.5-8.9). Basically it gets an 8-, all in all showcasing production skills and consistency in its sci-fi theme, with a nicely done blend of techno subgenres.

Favorite tracks <3 : Null Laboratories; Synthetic Nature X; Robotic Legs; Walking Through The Portal; Acid Hall; Station Delta; Hypochlorite; A Rave On Mars; Orbit IV.

Didn’t like : Little One.
Jun 15, 2021
Thank you so, so much! I absolutely loved reading this review and I greatly appreciate everything that you said. I am extremely happy that you enjoyed the album and got something out of it :)
I did not preform any of the vocals for "Station Delta" but you are correct, it was meant to be the most "human" song and give you a bit of a relief.
Also- I can understand the dislike for "Little One." I'll work on progressing my sound more in the future so mistakes like that don't happen :)
And your conclusion of "Orbit IV" is entirely correct, my next record will probably push the boundaries of that sound itself.
Thank you so much again! <3
Also: I'm glad you enjoyed the second side more, as in my opinion it's fsr superior to the first side and a better representation of what my music will sound like in the future... so be prepared!
Also also, your idea about the first side representing new technology being made is correct!
Jun 15, 2021
My pleasure! Wow, there will actually be a part two ! :O Awesome! Take your time. :)
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