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RakkSmells -
Dancing in an abandoned hall, with only the sounds of your footsteps echoing through the spacious room. All you can hear however are some sort of desolate and ambient grooves pulsating through your mind. These grooves have engulfed you. Pan to a wide shot where you see nothing but your figure dancing in the dimly lit hall.

Where have you been the past few hours?

The day has a particularly somber mood to it, with clouds in the air and silence in the streets apart from the occasional ... read more

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RakkSmells -
Architects invest in the art of grandiose, orchestral metalcore; or how it's displayed here; overproduced, headache-inducing "please no more". I really tried with that rhyme, don't kill me.

Metalcore isn't a genre I'm completely familiar with in terms of what I've heard from it (maybe apart from like, one Bring Me The Horizon song), so who's to say if this score is me not being a fan of metalcore, me not being a fan of Architects or this album just sounding like garbage.

This ... read more
RakkSmells -
[Genre: Folk Metal]

Ooh, a unique genre mixture! Folk and metal worked pretty well on that Ulver album so surely it works here too!


...I never said it didn't.

All jokes aside, this is actually a pretty solid metal album. It's effective at creating this pagan forest-themed atmosphere with how it mixes standard black-metal instrumentation with the folkier elements, and it has no right to work as well as it does. It feels like such a natural combination. The vocals rotate between these ... read more
RakkSmells -
[Genre: Folk]

Well folks, here we are. The 100th album I've reviewed in the genre quest. Not only that, but an amazing album to go alongside it!

Joni Mitchell's "Blue" is simply beautiful. It's really easy to see why this is held in such high regard in the genre and music in general, even among the large sea of excellent singer-songwriter artists from the early 70's and late 60's. From front to back, I loved listening to this. Blue just feels really emotionally potent as the lyrical ... read more
RakkSmells -
[Genre: Flamenco nuevo]

It might just be due to me having little to no knowledge in Spanish music, but I can't say what I got here was anything near what I was expecting. From the opening moments of this album I was expecting some stripped back, peaceful folk music and while I can say a good amount of what's on here sounds like that, I absolutely wasn't prepared for how haunting some of the tracks on here can feel.

The minor keys of many of the songs here behind ROSALÍA's stunning ... read more
RakkSmells -
The first 15 seconds of Rockstar Made are one of the best 15 seconds of the entirety of 2020. It perfectly encapsulates the feel of Whole Lotta Red; the hard-hitting, raw and aggressive sound displayed in spades throughout on one of 2020's most polarizing albums. It also absolutely slaps, so I guess there's that too. I just wanted to get that out here, anyway I've streamed this album even more than I have Die Lit.

For me, Whole Lotta Red feels like something completely unique in trap rap, ... read more
Mar 3, 2021
Hey Rakk, you might like this small indie synthpop /lofi vaporwave release from bandcamp. And if not, rate it as low as you want!
Mar 2, 2021
I’m listening to Pinkerton for the second time cause I don’t I really remember my first listen. What are your fav tracks?

Also I personally feel as this cannot top Blue.
Feb 25, 2021
Feb 23, 2021
great one, thanks for answering!
Feb 22, 2021
Hey! going around AOTY asking people a question for a list.. what’s your favourite Pink Floyd song? thanks :)
Feb 20, 2021
Hi, I am here with a question:
If all album covers were edible, which album would you choose to eat?
and yes, this is for a list.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 8, 2021
Yo rakks. I'm pretty horny rn so i'm asking you this: what 2 albums would you play during sex? it's for a list
Feb 4, 2021
hohhoh, tubular. thank you :)
Feb 3, 2021
hello stinkypacks do you mind if another humble reviewer such as myself does ur 1 album per genre idea? i shall give credit
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