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Drake - For All The Dogs
I still don't really get why I choose to do this. I go into every new Drake album with the highest of expectations, without a care in the world, thinking, "This has gotta be the one where every track - okay, most of the tracks - at the very least a higher percentage of tracks than the last album - will be a banger. I know for a fact Drake has and very well can make some great music - this is gonna be the one that wins me over, for sure."

As corny as I sound, I really do believe in ... read more

George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya
Maybe not the absolute magnum opus the first two singles made me think it would be, but George is still incapable of creating an album that doesn't completely submerge me in its nostalgia-drenched, psychedelic bliss. Whether it be the dense, sludgy, atmospheric walls of sound that take up the slower tracks - which for the record I'd argue they could've been even longer - or those infectious 90's MTV ready poppier tracks, I couldn't find a track I was even slightly disappointed by. Time will ... read more
The Sundays - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
Pretty sure this album alone put Harriet Wheeler in my "favourite vocalists to ever touch a mic" list.

Yeah man I don't know, this album is just an absolute delight to hear front to back, and I'll be blown away if I can find an album more warm, soothing and utterly infectious as this one this year. I'm simply too obsessed with this to not give it a 10.

Naked Flames - Miracle in Transit
When reflecting on the music that defined 2022 for me, Miracle In Transit was the no-brainer pick for electronic album of the year. While I still really dug those hypnotic lo-fi outsider house adventures his 2021 album "247 365" took me on, Miracle in Transit on the other hand - the album in which Anton pulls back the lo-fi curtains and lets his soundscapes flourish like never before - is absolute bliss front to back. Pure euphoria, might I say. I certainly did enjoy what Naked Flames ... read more
Alvvays - Blue Rev
This new Alvvays album is everything I could have asked for from the band. Every track is pure fucking indie pop bliss. I can kinda see why people would prefer Antisocialities for being more immediately catchy, and maybe it's just because I've played this so much since it released but this is no less hookier or catchy than that album in my opinion - it's one that I found rewards with each listen I give it. It feels like with each spin I'm discovering a new favourite melody in an album decorated ... read more


I've prolly sent something to u years ago lol, here's a mixtape of vocal stuff if ur curious <33

Listen to forest nymph, an album by alkypink on
Yo! Hello Sam! I'm MALNEEZY and I have a new experimental electronic EP out now and would love if you could check it out! Its about 27 minutes and 6 tracks. Obviously you're not entitled too if you don't wanna lol.
(Here's a link that has where to listen:

If you wanna find albums that are that may be to your liking then just check out the list below, it's basically recommendations for an album that I think is the best in a specific genre with some help from the AOTY community to make those recommendations maybe you'll find something u like.
inspirational and i like the drums
Check out my latest single when u can brotha!
After losing my Mistsirginity with her latest album, I'm craving more of her music, so this is helpful
The list is finally out.
Sorry for keeping you waiting! And thank you for your contrubution!
hi sam, im working on a community list of aoty users' favorite underground albums! if you'd like to be featured in the list, feel free to leave a response to this message
Hello there Sam!
Would you like to be part of my new community list? This time, the topic is "Airplane Mode": what would be, in your opinion, a perfect song to play while flying high up in the sky.
I'm looking forward to your submission! And for this occasion I will also make a playlist for Spotify and maybe YouTube as well
by any chance do you happen to be a critic?


he/they | 18
I don't really listen to music. Not my thing.

(Using favourite album section for my favourite non-2023 discoveries of the year)

I rate singles here:


I also make music under "cole sether"

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