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Maroon 5 - JORDI
Maroon 5
Jun 13

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RakkSmells -
Dancing in an abandoned hall, with only the sounds of your footsteps echoing through the spacious room. All you can hear however are some sort of desolate and ambient grooves pulsating through your mind. These grooves have engulfed you. Pan to a wide shot where you see nothing but your figure dancing in the dimly lit hall.

Where have you been the past few hours?

The day has a particularly somber mood to it, with clouds in the air and silence in the streets apart from the occasional ... read more

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RakkSmells -
I was really not expecting this album to be as addicting as it is. Wasn't too blown away by the past few Bladee albums from last year, but I'm really digging this one on the other hand. Probably one of my favourite projects from him; it's concise, it's focused, and most importantly the production and Bladee's melodies are gorgeous. It also helps that one of the main guys that produced Icedancer (Lusi) is here again so that might be another contributing factor. So yeah, really enjoyed this album ... read more
RakkSmells -
[Genre: Footwork]

When I first heard of the genre Footwork back when I started this challenge, I probably would've assumed it was some sort of tap dancing music. It's got feet in the title, after all. Can't say I was expecting a fast paced hip hop/house/electronic hybrid before I looked into it, but I also can't say I was expecting an album this immaculately pulled off and solid. With its skittering hi hats, manipulated R&B and hip hop sample usage and overall playful feeling, this album ... read more
RakkSmells -
I don't know about you guys, but this might just hold up to their last two albums. This is exactly what I asked for in a new Sweet Trip album; sure, it's not breaking their boundaries or anything but it's showing that even a decade after their last release they're still able to make some of the most blissful and lush electronic/pop music I've ever heard. Loved hearing this from start to finish
RakkSmells -
Okay cool but how do you make a track like Assumptions and not brag about it every single chance you get??????????????? Like man don't be surprised if I end up scrobbling it like 20 times this week alone
RakkSmells -
[Genre: Folktronica]

There's a specific sub-genre of albums I love, one that never fails to grab an easy high score from me; that being electronic music that mashes its electronic elements with natural sounding instrumentation. Easy bias right there. Cosmogramma did it quite a fair bit - one of my favourite albums. Sweet Trip are known for that stuff - one of my favourite bands. Mid-Air Thief did it with Crumbling - hell yes, give me more. Four Tet's Rounds bases the entire premise of the ... read more


May 19, 2021
Helllo, namaste🙏🏻, loved your reviews and followed you. My 2nd conceptual EP 'Marine Affairs' has been just released and I will request you from my heart to check it once. I consists 4 songs (English majorly, with some tinge of hindi and Bengali in 2 track) and it will take only 8 minutes. I know you are busy enough but will be grateful if you review it on AOTY. Your review means a lot. It's a very novice attempt and I am learning, so I will request you to put a very honest review off course. Hope you are in safest of condition in this very hard times. If you do, it will make my day. Thanks in advance for your precious time. ✨🙏🏻
attaching the Spotify and AOTY link:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/25oRbU37c08FvTYbAhoRhI?si=rjGcGrEBRYu1erloZ-EeAw&utm_source=copy-link

AOTY: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/362334-bodhisattya-pal-marine-affairs.php
May 10, 2021
ayo rakksmells, quick question: what are your top 3 fav album covers oat and why?
May 9, 2021
bahah thanks, I added both! heres the list if you wanna check it out
May 8, 2021
hey! What's your favorite gorillaz song? (for a list)
May 7, 2021
Good Time gang is starting to spread.
Apr 26, 2021
Banger record
Apr 18, 2021
For sure my favorite show. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.
Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (list)
Apr 3, 2021
New rating scale! (Mainly so I can actually organise stuff easier)
Straight 7 - 70
Low 7 - 72
Mid 7 - 75
High 7 - 78
Straight 8 - 80


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