Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
May 10, 2019 (updated May 10, 2019)
I used to really like Logic. I thought he was an excellent rapper with decent lyrics and a funny personality. I liked the guy. And I still do, I like a lot of his stuff (Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story). And hearing he was going to mix Under Pressure with Bobby Tarantino, I was quite intrigued. Maybe this'll be good!

And this is what we got. A haphazard mess of the blandest and the most by-the-numbers Logic music imaginable. A concept album that barely even sticks to its concept 3 tracks into the album. This is by far the most bored I've ever been by a Logic project. At least Everybody has excellent production. At least Bobby Tarantino II had its fair share of bangers. At least SUPERMARKET, was interesting, albeit in a bad way. This? It's bland, mediocre, and so mediocre in fact it's hard to listen to. This is so disappointing.
Halfway through the album I just kept skipping tracks because I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.
The production, aside from a few exceptions, is forgettable as ever. Beside a few quirky bars lyrically this album is either annoying, or uninteresting. The songs follow a very specific chorus-verse-chorus-verse structure that just get SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING after 55 minutes. After the last chorus then comes an instrumental section and at that point I just give up.

I was ready to defend Logic. I went in with high hopes, despite the singles being somewhat mediocre. Even I can tell the downward slope the overall quality of his music has become. The topics he's rapping about are becoming very rinse and repeat, and it just bugs me knowing that he can make an actually great project. But that doesn't seem to be his goal anymore.

I've lost all hope. This is the most generic and annoying I've ever heard Logic, even more than SUPERMARKET. I'D RATHER LISTEN TO SUPERMARKET THAN THIS! Okay maybe that's a little too far. (edit: yeah, that's way too far. let's not be too generous here, my friend.) But let me just bullet point the problems I have with this album.

-The production is bland as ever. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is the only exception.
-The features add nothing. I was liking Will Smith's feature, but once he mentioned Fortnite I just gave up.
-Logic is so repetitive it's not funny. The chorus's on this album are very repetitive, really cementing my problem with Logic right now as a lyricist.
-The album's concept. I was really excited for this cause I was hoping this might, y'know, dive into social media and dissect the problems with it. But NOOOOPE, YOU JUST GOTTA RAP ABOUT HOW YOU'RE THE GREATEST ALIVE FOR 13 TRACKS! WHAT'S A CONCEPT ANYWAY?!
-This is the most scattered, messy and just all around non-cohesive Logic album ever made.

I want to like this. But I can't, cause there's not much to like here. It's just generic white (sorry, biracial) rapper trap music. I just see myself trying to enjoy one of the songs, like "maybe there's something to enjoy here! maybe I'm a little too harsh on this!" but then I realize, "What is there in this to enjoy?" I enjoyed Everybody (to an extent) for the really nice, albeit pretentious, sounding production. YSIV for all its faults is just such a chilled out boom bap album and I'm pretty sure I like it a lot more than what my score suggests. Bobby Tarantino II had bangers. I like Logic projects a lot more than the majority of people on this website would themselves. This though? Fuck man... I give up.

This album had to be a joke. This is a joke. This wasn't made. THIS CAN'T BE THE ACTUAL ALBUM.

favourite tracks: Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Homicide, Out Of Style
least favourite: ?!?!?!??!

May 10, 2019
This review is racist.
May 10, 2019
Sorry, I meant “generic biracial (White/black) trap music”
May 10, 2019
You give this a 25, so is he only a quarter black?
May 10, 2019
In South Africa there's no such thing as "Biracial". Logic over here (like me) would be called coloured
May 10, 2019
Great review
6d ago
This is ON POINT. In his mixtape days & even Under Pressure (his best work I think) he was this relateable, likeably inspired kid who seemed a student of the game & an appreciator of hip-hop culture. Ever since then the quality of his music & the effort/focus put forward especially in regards to lyrics has degraded pretty quickly. I turned my best friend onto Logic RIGHT before Everybody dropped & he won't even listen to him since. I don't blame him anymore sadly.
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