Tyga - Legendary
Jun 8, 2019
Track by track generic checklist:
1: Generic
2: Generic
3: Generic
4: Generic
5: Generic
6: Generic
7: Why does this exist? (Generic)
8: Generic
9: Generic
10: Generic
11: Generic
12: Generic
13: Generic but nice beat
14: Generic

Okay, so stay with me here.
It's not that the music is outright awful or anything. There's clearly an audience for this, whoever the absolute hell that is.

It's that there's nothing to it. It's music about sex by a guy who really likes sex. The production is typical. Someone in their review just said "every Tyga track ever was made to be played in the background of a strip club and the background of a strip club only." And oh how correct that is. It's like, what is there to this we haven't heard in every other album like this? Chris Brown, musically, is a more interesting character than Tyga. That's the closest to a compliment he gets.

When people complain about mumble rap, they're usually referring to people like Lil Pump and Lil Uzi Vert. Well at least musically they're interesting. Lil Pump's the "Harverd Dropout character" and Lil Uzi Vert is the emo rap / meme rap (soundwise) artist.

Plus they have the funniest lyrics.
Lil Pump: "My housemaid is super thick, my housemaid is super thick, she finna go clean my house then she finna suck my dick"
Lil Uzi Vert: "I am an octopus, I cannot breathe without water so I put diamonds on my tentacles"

Tyga though? There is nothing that stands out about him. His flow is extremely monotone, his lyrics are the same stuff and the production is the same stuff.

Also this interlude on the track On Me:
"Tyga is an inspiration, you know what I'm sayin'?
It be a lot of clone a** n****s and s***, this n****'s original"

I don't care if Kanye said it, I do not agree.

favourite tracks: Werkkkk, Taste
least favourite: Too Many, Maykherkhum, I legit don't care anymore

Summary: Generic
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