Chance The Rapper - The Big Day
Jul 31, 2019 (updated May 26, 2022)
The Big Day is like a TV dinner.

It just feels off.

Something just isn't right. I've had meals like this before, I may have thought they were okay, some of these steaks I've loved but this? I don't know. Is there a lack of sauce? Is the meat undercooked? What happened to the salad? What happened to the juiciness of the tomatoes?

The mashed potato tastes funny. You can't really tell if it's actually potato or not.

But the more I dig into this thing wanting to like it, something just spoils it for me in an indescribable way. What am I supposed to say about this? Do I like it? No, of course not. Maybe it's just not to my tastes. Wait... judging by the reviews... nobody seems to like this meal either. Plus, there's this small section of the beef that I'm fairly sure is completely raw. We can just forget we took a bite into that.

It's awkward. I'm not going to eat this frozen meal ever again, and I don't plan on buying anymore of these. I mean I suppose it had its brief highlights, like maybe the small elements of sauce were tasty, and the salad gave it at least some variation, but the way everything was put together just felt awkward, run of the mill, and I just left unsatisfied.

The Big Day is like that meal. I should've just ordered some McDonalds.

Okay but for real this was sooooooo boring. Like I just wanted to fall asleep. Chance is so devoid of personality or interesting characteristics it's not funny. Every song just feels like he didn't try. The only real saving graces of this album were the occasional good feature or the admittedly solid production. It's mixed well. Some of the melodies are good. But most of the time, they just feel like a beat I could easily get off of YouTube, record a Lil Karat Stixx verse over it, maybe get the most run-of-the-mill Flex Entertainment rapper I can find, and we can easily hit it out of the park more than Chance ever could.

It feels off. It feels like there's a middle section to the album that's missing. Something that'll make it worth the long run-time. Admittedly it wasn't as much of a slog as I expected, especially considering Fantano's recent score of ZERO?!?!?!?! HOLY CRAP A 0?

Okay, this isn't a 0 in my opinion. It makes sense why he'd give it such a low score, cause as he said, he didn't enjoy a single track off the album. And I feel the same. I haven't saved a single track from this thing and that's because something indescribable is always weighing it down. Maybe there's a good track in there, but I really need to find the enthusiasm to listen to it, especially considering Chance The Rapper is the main guy on the song.

At least Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind had a couple tracks I liked. I mean I thought that was a slog, and disliked it even more than this, but at least I had some dumb track like Out Of Sight or Pardon My Ego to come back to. It feels like YBN Cordae released the Chance The Rapper album we could've got. (Not that anybody was all that hyped for this album in the first place lol)

All in all, this meal just isn't like what it is in the picture. It's not juicy, it's not shiny, it doesn't have gems embedded in it, it's just sorta there for you to look at and think, "Uhhhhh... this is awkward."

favourite tracks: Death Cab For Cutie's verse on Do You Remember, Eternal
least favourite: Hot Shower, Let's Go On The Run, Big Fish, Found A Good One (Single No More)

Summary: Borderline Mediocre

Now I'm hungry
@KingKRoolisBack I don’t mind them actually, but their cheeseburgers can burn
My take is that fast food chains are just bad as a whole
Macdonald cheeseburger is good opinion invalidated
@KingKRoolIsBack I don’t have those in Australia, plus Wendy’s is an ice cream shop here
For me it's a McRib and I love it for the novelty but the when I actually get it I can only get about half way before throwing up.
UPDATE: My cheeseburger metaphor wasn't very accurate so I changed it to a TV dinner.
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