JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs
Sep 13, 2019 (updated Oct 8, 2019)
Sorry for not posting a review or anything in a while, been taking a short break to work on a long video and finish up my school work and stuff lol. ALSO THIS ALBUM F***ING B A N G S

Holy shit. Okay forget the whole "disappointment" joke for now, this is better than Veteran. Now, let me make it clear. I loved the hard-hitting, off the wall minimalist sound of Veteran, and I still think that was an incredible album. The personality, charisma and absurdness of Peggy's sound was completely unmatched by anyone and that alone made Veteran just such a highlight. It feels like on this album, he took the absolute best elements from that album and just RAMPED it up to a billion.

The production is a lot less minimalist than before and is full on hard hitting, unorthodox and mind-melting. I swear I just DIED when I heard some of this production. The genre-blending is absolutely phenomenal. Let me just mention Beta Male Strategies for a second, cause genre-blending takes a huge role in this track. At the beginning of this track you've got this more melodic and somewhat ambient sample which is sometimes glitched out at points, then the middle section comes in where you've got all these electric guitars, acoustic guitars and this really weird glitched-out background noise which at times fades out Peggy's own voice, which is a subtle element I absolutely love. And the way it fades into JPEGMAFIA TYPE BEAT, when it starts with this f r e a k i n g i n s a n e drums and Peggy just losing his mind, I swear it's perfect.

Peggy's charisma and meme-ability is just as high on this album. The absolute absurdity of some of his lyrics on this album is all for the better. I just love his satirical delivery on this album. I was going to refer to this as simply meme music but it transcends that. The production is genuinely amazing, and JPEG's flows and delivery is actually really good! His flows are louder and more catchy than ever, and even at times when he starts singing and using autotune, the satirical delivery just makes it so enjoyable and fun. It's definitely a more melodic and layered album than Veteran soundwise, I can say that much.

How do you even explain JPEGMAFIA to someone? It's like describing deep fried memes to someone who's never heard of "maymays" before. "Uhh... why is it distorted? Why does it look so old and low-quality? Why does it say that? Son, are you alright? Do you need help? Why are you laughing, son are you okay? SON SPEAK TO ME PLEASSAEDWE"

Someone on RYM said JPEGMAFIA was the "Bjork of Rap". Could they be right? Well that's up for debate, but after hearing this, they might have a point! All My Heroes Are Cornballs is one of the most unorthodox, wild and unique rap albums I've heard this year and possibly... of all time. It's messy as hell, but that just makes it all the better how pretty much every track sounds completely different. I love this album for the same reasons some people love the absolute hell out of 1000 gecs. Even the singles sound completely brand new when listening to this.

On that note...

Christ this was bad. I warned you all but none of you seemed to listen! Of course this was going to suck! JPEGMAFIA lost his touch and basically forgot what he was doing altogether. I do not recommend this album to anybody, it's a seriously lame excuse for an actual album. It's a disappointment. Peggy, you can do better than this man. Stop acting like this is your best work when it obviously isn't. You're acting like Logic. In fact, Logic could make this album and it would sound better. I'd rather listen to the new 93PUNX album than this.

favourite tracks: Essentially them all, but if we're counting absolute standouts: Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot, Kenan Vs. Kel, Beta Male Strategies, JPEGMAFIA TYPE BEAT, PTSD, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, Thot Tactics, Free The Frail, Dots Freestyle Remix, Papi I Missed U
least favourite: all of them

Summary: Disappointin-Incredible
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Sep 20, 2019
dammmnnn a 10. i need to revisit this again
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Apr 11, 2020
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