Poppy - I Disagree
Well, not even 10 days into the year and we have an AOTY contender already. Holy moly!

Poppy, yes, that Poppy who was making bubblegum pop music like Lowlife and was well-known for her strange and bizarre YouTube videos that had ARG channels on the edge of their seats, just delivered an album I think could possibly be one of the best of the year. On I Disagree, Poppy swerves her sound completely in the metal direction, and combines her "poppy" sound and voice with a heavy and industrial metal mix and by some absolute miracle, it was an incredible blend. Her voice is somehow perfect with this sound and yeah, it might be gimmicky, but I couldn't care less since the actual album is just that great. Even when she isn't screaming the loud and abrasive chorus from BLOODMONEY, when her voice goes down more soft and sweet passages it still blends great with the type of atmosphere the album has.

She doesn't even stick to one single sound on the album, there's actually quite a fair bit of variety in the album that helps switch up the atmosphere. I mean you have Concrete which mixes sweet and dreamy passages with straight up thrash metal. It's like a song from a Dance Dance Revolution machine on cocaine. Then you have BLOODMONEY, a straight up industrial B A N G E R that is just exploding with energy. The song Nothing I Need is definitely the least heavy song on the album, providing a break in the middle of the album. However, her vocals and the chorus just sell it for me. Tracks like Sit / Stay make me feel nostalgic for some reason, as if I'm both a 15 year old kid who just found out who Slipknot and Linkin Park was and are going through that edgelord phase in their life, and somebody just immersing themselves in the upbeat nature of pop music in the early 2010's. It's a grower, for sure. The track Sick Of The Sun is another slower and less heavy track has some amazing lo-fi vocals at the beginning, and the... trap-like production? is something I got used to quickly, but was strange when I first heard it. Nonetheless, great track. The album ends off with Don't Go Outside, the 6 minute closer that re-caps a lot of the album and the guitars even have a classic prog rock feel to them. The track does switch up in the middle to focus on the metal sound, and it ends off by repeating the chorus from the title in a way that helps tie the album together and end it off in an amazing way.

So overall, Poppy makes an incredible transition into alternative metal with a whole load of different elements that appeal to me that just made it even better than I thought it was. It didn't come off as repetitive or stale as the album had a good amount of variety, and it's just all and all an incredible metal album. It surprised me, and I like surprises. Ain't that a surprise?

favourite tracks: Don't Go Outside, I Disagree, BLOODMONEY, Nothing I Need, Concrete, Sit / Stay, Sick Of The Sun, Fill The Crown, Anything Like Me
least favourite: Bite Your Teeth if I really had to choose

Summary: Didn't See That Coming!
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