Weezer - Pacific Daydream
Apr 25, 2020 (updated May 8, 2020)
"This might signal a true comeback for the band!" ...or not.

Pacific Daydream isn't as absurdly awful as Raditude and it isn't as awfully dated as Make Believe, but it is yet again Weezer having another attempt at following the current mainstream millennial pop trends. ...By that I mean embracing the most commonly overused pop cliches and making the summer themed sound of the White Album sound obnoxious and overproduced. I feel like in many of the tracks here there's just way too much happening at the same time, especially in Feels Like Summer and Happy Hour to the point where it can really become tiring. Even the other two albums I've mentioned, as bad as they are, don't have production that can become irritating. The hooks on this album are also a major step back from White Album, since unlike the way the hooks on White were pulled off the hooks on this album just feel really cheesy and uninspired.

However, this album does have some pretty decent tracks on it, I will admit. The first two tracks are a fun way to kick off the album and QB Blitz and Weekend Woman are quite nice tracks as well. So there's some things I can say were definitely admirable but I just cannot stand the rest of this album. It's overproduced as hell, formulaic and safe as hell, filled to the brim with "Wooaaaooaahh" choruses and songs that have very little substance to them. Rivers even stated himself he used a spreadsheet to pick most of the lyrics for this album, which just proves that point more. And unlike their last couple of disasters (a.k.a the albums I mentioned before), I can't even really give this album the merit of being "so bad it's funny", cause most of the time it just felt tiring. Not as bad as those albums, but not as laughably bad. I'll take Raditude any day.

favourite tracks: Weekend Woman, QB Blitz, Beach Boys
least favourite: Happy Hour

Summary: Sighhhhhh

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Feels Like Summer bangs how dare thou
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