Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
I was kind of ready to like this much more now that I've heard all of Weezer's albums. Unfortunately... I still agree with basically everything I thought at first.

Weezer's Black Album is without a doubt better than Pacific Daydream. Essentially this album takes the pop-centric sound of that album and makes it much less overproduced and tedious, and I think it works really well at points. The first half of this album, specifically the first 4 tracks, are really fun and well produced, with some excellent hooks (in my opinion at least.) Maybe it's just cause I've played Zombie Bastards 33 times, though. They all have their own unique charm to them and even Living In L.A., as cheesy as it is, has a really fun hook to it. High As A Kite is one of my favourite songs from them in quite a while. However, the rest of the album from that point on kinda... falls apart.

A lot of the tracks in the last half except for a few somewhat decent songs are really forgettable or mediocre compared to the first half. Piece Of Cake and Byzantine are okay but the three tracks between those are pretty middle of the road. Too Many Thoughts In My Head does have a pretty good hook, and it'd be one of my favourites if it wasn't for the really bad lyrics and the out of place rapped third verse. Then you have the final track California Snow, which was dreadful. I do not know who thought it would be a good idea to end the album with this track of all things, but man they need to be fired. You'd think by now they'd retire the "song that stands out by being really bad" habit some of their albums had but I suppose not.

So overall, Weezer's most recent album at the time of my writing this isn't their worst by any means, but despite a great opening stretch of tracks it just doesn't live up to the best moments through and through. Also... I just wanted to know... who was this album made for exactly?

favourite tracks: High As A Kite, Zombie Bastards, Can't Knock The Hustle, Living In L.A.
least favourite: California Snow

Summary: The Singles Are The Best Part

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