Albums With URLs For Titles

I also check if the URLs are legitimate or not, and where they take you.

Https:// - Дикий ПЕС ft Tony N-Name-Дикий стиль(2018)
Not an album, but an entire artist name. I'm pretty sure that's not meant to be like that.

The URL is real
Ayesha Erotica -
URL is real but the domain's up for sale. Used Incognito to search this cause ain't no way I'm keeping that on my browser history
Dreamville - ROTD3.COM
URL is real, takes you to their website
Akira Sakata - Fisherman’
URL is not real as they don't support apostrophes. However, there's a seafood restaurant under which sounds nice.
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em -
URL probably was real but now directs you to Interscope records. This album was released under the label so that makes sense.
Daddy Yankee - El
URL is not real, 1: because URLs don't support spaces and 2: cause isn't a real URL. is but it seems really dodgy.
Dwight Yoakam -
URL is real but the domain's up for sale. Probably was a thing at one point.
Nappy Roots - Nappy Dot Org
Technically counts as a URL. Real but the domain's up for sale. I don't think it was intended to be connected to this album, though.
Big Baby Scumbag -
URL is real. This is honestly a pretty creative way to promote an album, ngl
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - EP
URL isn't real. He got it right the second time with ROBYOPLUG.COM but I guess lightning didn't strike with this one. Either that or he changed it.
Trick Daddy -
URL was probably real but now redirects to Slip-N-Slide records' website. He owns the label so that makes sense.
Gangsta Boo - Miss Dot Com
Unfortunately, URL doesn't exist.
Murs -
URL doesn't exist
C-Murder -
URL is technically real? Searching up takes you directly to the album's Wikipedia article, while searching redirects you to a website for some strange Chinese app.
J-Diggs -
URL got blocked by my adblocker, then got called a malicious website by Norton, got blocked again, and once I finally opened it it sent me to a random ABC News link on a completely different website I'd rather not explore further if I want my computer to avoid getting a terminal illness. It's not real??? Question mark??
Montage One - 10.6.2 OGX
URL says "’s server IP address could not be found." Real, but also not at the same time. - Distopping
Once again, an artist name, but this time it's actually meant to be like that. URL exists but the domain's up for sale.
Seiko Oomori -
URL is real but redirects me to... this?

I don't think these two are related
Camela -
Assuming it's real but the connection times out.
Frank Ocean -
I guess this doesn't really count since it's unofficial but hey, might as well get it out of the way. URL's real, goes straight to Frank's Tumblr account.
Peter Broderick -
It's real but whatever was there doesn't exist anymore, and there's a link that takes you to something about buying custom domains.
Slew Dem - Slew Dem Volume One
URL isn't real. Doesn't exist. Shame.

However, they do exist but on Google Sites. Come on, if you're gonna put in the name AND cover at least redirect it to the site!
Ms. Sancha -
URL is real but domain's up for sale for whatever MsSanchAlive purposes you desire.
No One Is Innocent - Ré
URL is real but gives me a 404 and links me a Wikipedia article about a song by a guy called Jean Baptiste Clément. Everything's in French, too. If I type it without the "é" it takes me to an investment firm's site.
É O Tchan -
URL isn't real. Taking away the .br just gives you a domain that's up for sale.
DJ Flexx -
URL exists but the domain's up for sale.
SMTOWN - Christmas in
URL is real, takes you to the group's website
R. Kelly -
URL isn't real
URL is real but it gave me this: "Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details."
Marillion -
URL is real, takes me to the band's website.
Pitchshifter -
URL is real, domain's up for sale though
Various Artists - Musikexpress 40:
URL's real and links me to a group of record labels called Beggars (labels include Rough Trade, Matador, 4AD, XL and Young Turks)
Prolapse -
URL's real but takes you to a really outdated website about a band called "Flying Other Brothers". I don't think these guys are related.
Assorted Jelly Beans -
Searching it just brings up a Google search but in terms of removing all the other unnecessary dots... of course it doesn't exist.
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