The Needle Drop's Top 200 Albums of the 2010s
by Staff
January 20, 2020
A fair bit of recency bias but overall not a bad list

Also yes it's an easy pick, but TPAB was a great pick for AOTD
Kendrick Lamar is “close” to completing his “rock-influenced” new album
by Nightwing734 to Kendrick Lamar
January 14, 2020
You know what?

Kendrick Lamar is “close” to completing his “rock-influenced” new album
by Nightwing734 to Kendrick Lamar
January 13, 2020
@KingKRoolisBack I wouldn't go that far
Ed Sheeran to take a break from music
by Edgeworth
January 10, 2020
Scott Walker dies aged 76
by RakkSmells to Scott Walker
December 19, 2019
@jordymusic Massive oof
Moses Sumney Announces New Double Album græ, Shares New Song “Virile”
by Staff to Moses Sumney
November 17, 2019
this really is the year of double albums huh
It looks like Rage Against The Machine are reuniting for a 2020 tour
by dearsongs to Rage Against The Machine
November 6, 2019
@dearsongs Knowing RATM, it's certainly not
Car Seat Headrest Announce New Album, Share New Video
by Staff to Car Seat Headrest
October 22, 2019
Who else is excited?
The Mars Volta Reunion Is “Happening,” Cedric Bixler-Zavala Says
by Staff to The Mars Volta
October 16, 2019
Watch A Trailer For JPEGMAFIA’s New Album 'All My Heroes Are Cornballs'
by Staff to JPEGMAFIA
September 4, 2019
10/10 incoming
Spotify Will No Longer Let Artists Upload Music Directly
by Staff
July 4, 2019
I just use a third party app to upload my music to the app so I think I'll be fine

Apart from that this kinda sucks
Earl Sweatshirt Does Not Exist
by Staff to Earl Sweatshirt
June 9, 2019
Denzel Curry Announces New Album ZUU, Shares New Song “SPEEDBOAT”
by Staff to Denzel Curry
May 22, 2019
Thom Yorke Talks “Dystopian” New Solo Album in Career-Spanning Interview
by Staff to Thom Yorke
May 13, 2019
neat stuff
Kendrick Lamar’s new album is arriving this month
by Staff to Kendrick Lamar
May 7, 2019
Oh my god guys no way!!! New Kendrick coming this month holy crap im so excited
Logic and Eminem Announce New Song “Homicide”
by Staff to Logic
May 1, 2019
oh god oh no please god no let this be good
New Track: James Blake – “Mulholland”
by Staff to James Blake
April 29, 2019
@TreyLikesBands it is
Coachella reveals 2019 lineup
by Staff
January 4, 2019
holy damn
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