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[Genre: Ethereal Wave]

Well, that was nothing short of magical.

Cocteau Twins' Treasure is cold, ethereal and magical, and to me it describes the feeling of either of these two things; walking through a forest trail during the snow, or slow-dancing in an empty hall during a blizzard. It strikes this great balance between feeling dark and moody while also being cheerful and full of spirit. It's easily one of the dreamiest albums I've ever heard; it's lush, it's atmospheric, and while I can ... read more
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Feel like I just listened to the most 2017 album that ever 2017ed.
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[Genre: Emo Rap]

Yeah, it's emo rap music alright. Some pretty weak emo rap music.

Okay, I didn't want to start the review with a one-liner like that cause I have a bit more to say than just that, but I'm all about consistency, y'know? Anyway, what I can say about Lil Peep's Crybaby is that more than anything; and this can also be applied to Peep's music in general; I respect what it's going for. In concept, the mixture of cloudy trap music and emo music sounds like something that should ... read more
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[Genre: Emo]

Yeah, it's emo music alright. Some seriously great emo music!

I have been familiar with Brand New but hadn't got to listening to any of their stuff, but The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me sure gave me a reason to do so! This album is believed to be one of the greatest emo albums of all time, and although I'm no expert on emo music I can absolutely see why. From start to finish, this album packs a punch with the heavy and lush instrumentation, Jesse Lacey's impactful vocals ... read more
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I don't think it's any mystery that Maroon 5 don't have the best reputation on this site, nor in the music community in general. A lot of what they've made over the past decade is basically just radio filler specifically tailored towards the trends of that time, perfectly fitting into the category of "Music that sounds enough like nothing that people won't object to it and it'll end up getting popular anyway because of it." Like, ask yourself: Who exactly was "Don't Wanna ... read more
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[Genre: Electropop]

It might not have hit me immediately but once I started letting it sink in over time... my god, was it worth checking this out. This is great.

Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer from The Knife, an electropop turned experimental industrial pop group that I discovered through Shaking The Habitual, one of my favourite albums from 2013. I was just absolutely taken back by how bizarre, haunting and detailed the album was, and while this doesn't sound anything like ... read more
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https://soundcloud.com/vision-deperra/sets/escape-the-shell Woah, is that self-promotion I spot???!?!?!?!

Okay, so for school we had this year-long personal project about basically anything we were passionate about, and fittingly I decided to make an EP... which later turned into an internet themed concept album. I released it a few weeks ago but I just thought I'd make this review in case anyone wants to check it out and stuff. I wanted to make something that isn't just joke music and ... read more
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[Genre: Electronica]

Ever since I listened to the a capella track Hide And Seek, her most famous and possibly best song, I'd been wanting to dive into this album for quite a while and it turns out it's quite an outlier as the rest of the album sounds completely different. Well, it's a good thing the rest of the album's really dang great too. Surrounded by poppy, indietronica production, Imogen Heap's unique songwriting and vocal style works perfectly in tandem and the result shown throughout ... read more
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[Genre: Electronic]

Okay, Electronic is pretty broad and I doubt this perfectly exemplifies the genre, but WOW, I have really stumbled onto a gem here.

Portishead is a band I'm pretty familiar with already, and up to this point this was the only album I hadn't heard from them aside from the live album. Dummy is one of my all time favourite albums, and while I haven't gotten to re-listening to their self-titled I can certainly say I enjoy it from what I recall. Third however strays away from ... read more
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Shrouded in mystery upon its initial release, House of Balloons was without a doubt a game-changing R&B project simply in the way it treated the tropes of the genre. The rinse and repeat lifestyle of partying, sex and drugs is displayed in all its glory throughout the mixtape, and it's displaying in the saddest and most depressing manner possible. It's no fun, it's miserable, but we're gonna do it all anyway. It's the musical equivalent of being at a party full of people dancing, living in ... read more
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[Genre: Electroclash]

...Yeah, that was pretty cool.

I don't really know an awful lot about what Electroclash is supposed to be, but whatever it is it doesn't sound all too bad. The soundscapes are dreamy and dark, I quite liked the heavy usage of synths and Destroy Everything You Touch has an absolutely killer snare. There's quite a few great tracks spread throughout the beginning and end of the album here. The vocals didn't really grip me much though and the album falls into the background ... read more
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[Genre: Electroacoustic]

Being everything but an expert in electroacoustic music it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what makes this album good, but I can certainly see how it's ahead of its time. For 1988, the glitchy, minimalist electronic sounds of this album feel refreshing and otherworldly, and as a whole the album still feels timeless to this day. It's a relaxing, yet incredibly strange listen. As beautiful as many of the compositions here might be however, it can also feel really ... read more
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The concept of having an album represent everybody in the world; every race, religion, colour, creed and sexual orientation represented and given a point of view in this singular album is certainly an ambitious one, but unfortunately one that seems destined for failure. Logic's central message of peace, love and positivity is in full force on Everybody, with lyrics discussing systemic racism in America, his issues with growing up and being biracial... and another song about that... another one ... read more
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[Genre: Electro-Industrial] …and conveniently enough, the beginning to my Nine Inch Nails binge!

To make things easier here, this will read more like I'm binging their discography instead of a typical genre quest review so writing this is less confusing.

Nine Inch Nails' debut Pretty Hate Machine is an addicting electro-industrial powerhouse of an album that feels dark and depressing yet danceable at the same time. It takes on a more electronic sound compared to the industrial rock ... read more
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[Genre: Electro-Disco]

It might not be the most innovative album in disco history I've ever heard, but I can definitely see why Giorgio Moroder is considered to be an important name in the genre, essentially pioneering euro-disco and going on to influence many other sub-sections of disco and dance music. It also helps that this is a pretty damn fun album too. The spacey synth-driven grooves of this album just had my head bopping front to back, and at only 8 tracks and 30 minutes there's not a ... read more
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Shout out to the larynx, am I right?

The human voice is without question one of the most complex and expressive instruments to ever grace the world of music, and Medulla shows Bjork taking full advantage of that and crafting an album purely based on acapella vocals. From professional beat boxers replacing drum machines to throat singing used for bass, Medulla acts as a celebration of the human voice and not just that; but a pretty fantastic art pop album too. Fortunately the album's main ... read more
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[Genre: Electro House]

This album is just a straight groove beginning to end. Justice's "†" is an infectious, heavy and incredibly crisp Electro House album that is bound to keep you dancing throughout. The production on this thing is just excellent; the synths are cinematic, the vocal samples gives it even more flavour and the mixing is at times pretty unorthodox and really makes the music even punchier than it already was (especially the way the vocal samples on Newjack are ... read more
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[Genre: Electro]

I don't know if this album is like, TRULY Electro since this thing has like 4 different genres attached to it, but we're just gonna roll with it. Electronic with 3 missing letters, baby! (Apparently Electro's supposed to be Electro-Funk or something. Huh)

I definitely wasn't wrong with that assessment cause this really is a pretty damn funky electronic album! I can totally see this lighting up a dance floor, cause this album is just nothing but straight electro grooves with ... read more
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WOW, that was a powerhouse of an album!

Ever since I got into The Mars Volta I'd been itching to try out Omar and Cedric's previous band on the post-hardcore side of their musical endeavors, At The Drive-In. Unlike the jazz-influenced somewhat avant-garde hardcore improvisational progressive rock mixtures shown on stuff like Deloused In The Comatorium and Frances The Mute, Relationship of Command is mostly strictly post-hardcore music. But that does make it any less exciting or daring? ... read more
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[Genre: EDM]

Jesus christ, I got exactly what I expected.

This is easily the most "nothing" album I've ever heard. This album offers nothing new, nothing inventive, nothing even close to interesting. Kygo uses the EXACT same song formula 18 times in a row, and I'm not even kidding when I say it's the EXACT same formula!

1: Every song starts with a single instrument or the singer's voice with said instrument. Sort of a fade in.
2: Make sure your singers stand out in absolutely no ... read more
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