Feb 15, 2019
Well that was one of the weirdest things I've ever heard in my life

But goddamn if it wasn't worth listening to cause like... what lmao
Feb 15, 2019
I gave this another listen, and while some of the songs are a lot more enjoyable than I remember, that still doesn't leave some issues I have in the shadows. It's certainly not awful, I can say that, but one main issue is the songwriting in this album. Only a few of the tracks on this album had any actual substance in terms of lyrical content, and the rest just felt quite shallow (especially on the final track.)

fav tracks: needy, ghostin, thank u, next

least favourite: in my head
Feb 15, 2019
You ever just pull up to a party and request to play The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience but You're Going to Have to Leave Now, or, 'I Have Fought the Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are Off Our Lands!'? yeah me too

Well this was an experience like no other, it's all just so grand and beautiful
This whole thing's just so well textured
Feb 13, 2019
This has some of the greatest songs the Beatles have ever made in my opinion. I guess the only real way to describe this album is if one of their first 4 albums met up with Sgt Peppers and Revolver and made this, because it's through and through a fun compilation of insanely psychedelic rock and pop. Yeah it's cool lol
Feb 12, 2019
Why Rodeo is the best trap album of the decade, probably even ever
Feb 12, 2019
A Day In The Life is the greatest ending to a Beatles album I have ever heard, let alone one of the greatest endings to an album STAT. Some songs set this away from being an absolute perfect album in my opinion, but nonetheless this is the most cohesive albums the Beatles have made thus far (at the time this was released) and each song is just crafted brilliantly. It had a great balance between rock and pop, and even to this day this album holds up really well. Good on ya Beatles

fav tracks: ... read more
Feb 11, 2019*
The first part of this album goddamn blew my mind. Like this was SO MUCH MORE trippy than I expected going into this. It's such a weird feeling. I could've easily given this a 10/10 but admittedly a few tracks felt a bit meh compared to the rest of the album. And that last track? Goddamn what on earth was that

best tracks: Eleanor Rigby, I'm Only Sleeping, She Said She Said, I Want To Tell You, Tomorrow Never Knows

least favourites: Good Day Sunshine or Yellow Submarine (I'm sorry)

EDIT: Lol ... read more
Feb 10, 2019
The Beatles once again take their folk rock influence and ramp it up a few notches, finally beginning the next chapter of the Beatles discography. The quality that persists throughout each of their albums is starting to grow higher and higher, their lyrical content is becoming more diverse, and all and all, it's a great album.

fav tracks: I don't know, anything that isn't The Word I guess
Feb 9, 2019*
...idk man
Feb 9, 2019
The Beatles get even closer to their well known, unique sound on this album, with each track sounding so much more refined and catchy. Even though it is, once again, just like the other few Beatles albums I've covered so far, this would have to be my favourite of their first few albums. Their new mixture of folk let their songs have more variety, and even if some songs still sound the same they're undoubtedly much more catchy. This album isn't anything groundbreaking or extremely re-innovative ... read more
Feb 9, 2019
Like Please Please Me, it's enjoyable, but a chore to get through with everything being so repetitive. Not to say it's a bad album, god no, I mean I gave it a strong 6. But there just aren't enough solid tracks to keep me engaged throughout the whole album.
Feb 8, 2019
Some really memorable tracks on this album but the rest just doesn't stand out well enough, although even with that being said it's still a very enjoyable album through and through. I'm assuming this is what will be the case for the first 5 Beatles albums or so, but who knows, still got much more left to cover.
Feb 7, 2019
A huge improvement from their debut, in my opinion. There are more really high points, and there's so much more variety in between each track. There's no huge jump in sound from their last album (I mean, this thing was only released a few months after Please Please Me), but there's certainly so much more quality to be noted.

fav tracks: Til There Was You, Please Mister Postman, Roll Over Beethoven, Hold Me Tight, I Wanna Be Your Man
Feb 7, 2019
Time for a Beatles spree!

The Beatles's debut album, while not very varied in the track listing, makes for a very simple and fun pop rock record. It's nothing but simple and catchy rock music, as well as some covers here and there. My only problem however is the sound gets very repetitive at times, and there aren't too many moments that stuck out all that much to me (although I have heard Love Me Do many times before.) At least when compared to the rest of their discography. Still a solid ... read more
Feb 7, 2019
I’m back from camp, and now i’m back to rate as many albums as I can physically handle!

For now I’ll rate this song that was played non-stop on the bus, because yeah why not. Anyway this song’s pure garbage
Jan 25, 2019*
Edit: It's cool

(100th review! Yay)
I'm probably not gonna give a rating yet, cause I still need several more listens before I can finally generate an opinion on this album. Now let me tell you, I loved the sound of this thing, like I'd give it a 95 for the sound alone. But I think I need the theme of this album to sort of become familiar with me. I gotta let this thing sink in. I rarely catch great lyrics on a first listen, and I'm trying to make it easier for myself to let the lyrics to a ... read more
Jan 21, 2019
Wendy's isn't even in Australia, why did I listen to this
Jan 21, 2019*
EDIT: Jesus christ that hook is a guilty pleasure, it's such a weird feeling

The hook really sticks with me for some reason, but apart from that it's pretty bland. Guess it's not my best introduction to Weezer's music
Jan 18, 2019*
FINAL EDIT: It feels like Blake's style on this album is a little bit inconsistent in spots, and the album as a whole can feel pretty bleak at points, however the majority of this album was really enjoyable in terms of production and vocal performance. You've got very catchy songs like Where's The Catch and the two Metro Boomin songs in the beginning, but also slower and more beautiful songs like I'll Come Too and Don't Miss It. I feel like some parts of the album weren't as extravagant as ... read more
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