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(G)I-DLE - 2
Jan 29

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(G)I-DLE - 2
Jan 29
Hyolyn - iCE
Jan 21

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Allie X - Super Sunset
I liked this a lot more this time than I did the first time I listened to it back when I was in college, but I’m still not obsessed. Not So Bad in LA was almost catchy but kind of annoying to be honest. It has a Lana vibe at the beginning that quickly shifts into weird trap pop. Little Things was my personal favorite and the only one that I’ve found myself going back to after the first few times I heard it. Girl of the Year was the only other track that I kind of liked, but even ... read more
Allie X - Cape God
Subjectively, this is probably more of a three star album for me, but I enjoyed it ~just~ enough (and I don’t do half stars) so an 80 it is. I’ve only ever heard Susie Save Your Love and most of Super Sunset—which I did not enjoy at all the first time listening to it—so I was very unsure of what to expect. Luckily, the album is the same one where the former song came from, so I knew at the very least I would enjoy one song. Much to my delight, however, I enjoyed AT LEAST ... read more
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy
I was initially a bit of a hater because this album seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere, but I kind of get it. I see this being something that’s really going to grow on me the more I listen to it. The titular track is an absolutely excellent, atmospheric instrumental piece that seems like something out of an old gothic romance film. It set the mood in such a remarkable way (and, honestly, if I let myself choose instrumental tracks as my favorite, would probably be my favorite). ... read more
Various Artists - Mean Girls (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
This is fun!! It wasn’t anything masterful or particularly thought-provoking, but it’s a musical adaptation of Mean Girls. This was always what it was going to be. The cast here is excellent and this show literally jump started Ashley Park’s career. I am and will always be a musical theater girlie. If you’re not, that’s fine, but don’t pretend this is so much worse than everything else you’ve ever listened to before. This is far from my favorite show ... read more
(G)I-DLE - 2
I don’t know why I expected this album to be better than what they’ve been releasing for years and years. First of all, calling an 8 track, 20 minute album “full-length” should be illegal. This is simply a long EP. That gripe aside, I did find myself ~generally~ enjoying the record. I know people hated Super Lady, but I actually thought it was quite fun and catchy. The instrumentals were fun and the only part I disliked where the mediocre spoken rap. Revenge was kind of ... read more


Hey Nora, hope you're doing well! I'm currently seeking submissions for the project i’m looking to release when i hit 500 followers. I’m aiming to create what’s known as a network graph of AOTY. If you'd like to take part, please check out this short questionnaire there’s more details on that page to hopefully elaborate on what it’s about if this is your first time hearing of a network graph! Thanks in advance if you do intend to take part, and I wish your day is/was pleasant! https://forms.gle/FjrJiKqLF1pkA4MJ6
I've found a new appreciation for Lacy thanks to your pick!
After weeks of inactivity and silence, the list is finally done:
Also, here's a complimentary and celebratory review detailing my pick:
Hi! It took some time, but the list of AOTY's top K-pop songs of 2023 is finally out. Thank you again for participating and I wish you happy holidays!

Check out my personal list with my top 23 K-pop songs of 2023 here: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/afvalcontainer/list/155260/afvalcontainers-top-23-k-pop-songs-of-2023/
Hello there, rara! Wanna partake in my new community list?
The topic this time will be a bit seasonal: coziest albums/songs! Imagine the perfect music for snuggling in the fluffiest blankie, sipping on some hot choccy milk while admiring the chill snowfall from the window outside.
Thanks in advance!
Thank you so much for participating! I'll let you know when the list is finished.
Hi Nora, hope you are doing well!
As the end of the year approaches, I am asking AOTY's K-pop listeners what their favourite K-pop songs of 2023 were for a year-end list. What songs were your personal stand-outs/favourites of 2023, and why? Any amount of songs up until 15 is fine, title tracks, singles and B-sides are all included.

I would really appreciate it if we get enough responses to turn this into a proper community list. Thank you in advance! :)
Hi, thanks for following!
The seat next to the window seat will have to do. Still, a great pick!
The list is finally out.
Sorry for keeping you waiting! And thank you for your contrubution!
Hello there rara!
Would you like to be part of my new community list? This time, the topic is "Airplane Mode": what would be, in your opinion, a perfect song to play while flying high up in the sky.
I'm looking forward to your submission! And for this occasion I will also make a playlist for Spotify and maybe YouTube as well


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