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Jeff Buckley - Grace
mf rly dropped one of the best albums of all time and then just dipped smh

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DJ Bailey - Intelligent Drum Bass
you know, i really have a gripe with calling anything music-related "intelligent", let alone your own album. is there anything really that intelligent about this (i mean, keeping in mind that they opened up with a song called Jazz Ass, which is, by no metric, a sign of great eloquence)? or is it really just your run-of-the-mill 90s 1h30 long drum and bass mix, filtered through a convenient lens of faux-intelligence? (note that intelligence here is actually written in french, so that ... read more
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
i'm really disappointed by this album. anybody else feel like something is missing?

where are the microsongs? where are the down-tuned guitars alternating between tremolo-picked power chords and groovier down-picked sections? severe lack of blast and skank beats on here as well. why do the vocals sound like that? where are the loud shouts, growls, grating screams and shrieks and the edgy, gory and political lyrics?

imagine making an album and not throwing a 7 minute sludge metal track at the ... read more

i myself am more of a fan of the baroque period
Joey Bada$$ - 2000
this album should've stayed in the year 2000
Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
I know we're all a bit pretentious around here, but sometimes we just need to sit down and enjoy the simple things in life, such as when the grass is green and the girls are pretty. This dad-core cheesy ass band lowkey got some better riffs than your favorite band, I know that's hard to accept but those are just the cold-blooded facts. This album will have you ripping off your fucking shirt mid-listen and is guaranteed to magically make you grow a mustache out of thin air, not to mention that ... read more


yeah I think that's true. At least I'm not in VERY ill lol. Can't imagine myself suffering this much again
Besides being ill and feeling like shit, I'm alright I guess. Been enjoying some games and music as of late
Btw why do u think I am slightly sadistic? I hope it is not bc of the five star rating for Salo.
Do not worry. I know u did mean to insult me. ^^

Between his silent classic and Ordet are more than 25 years. His directorial has evolved and in those years. Ordet is a different religious monster than even can touch the heart of atheistic people like me.
got any pornogrind / goregrind / grindcore in gen recs? also hi
wassup rater, how are you?
it's been some time
Btw I also started to watch Kenneth Anger's filmography. Stay stunned for my opinions on Scorpio and Lucifer Rising.
I would not call myself a fan of this work bc that would imply that I am a sadist lol. However, I appreciate the artistic values of this early instance of extreme cinema. Based on the description, this will be undoubtedly a demanding ride. I will try to watch it next week.

I am rly bad at guessing what u like so I will not pretend to know how u will react to Ordet. It is a decent classic u should watch at some point anyways:
I saw u added Zorn's Lemma to ur watchlist and I wanted to say a few words to increase ur interest. It is a very compelling watch since it formalizes its own alphabet and, consequently, reinvents the language of cinema in 2/3 of its runtime. The last third consists of a slow-paced ending using its new language. Very poetic!


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