Rico Nasty - Nightmare Vacation
Dec 4, 2020 (updated 54m ago)
Rico Nasty is the best mainstream female trap rapper out there and it's not even close, yet she fails to live up to her full potential time after time and "Nightmare Vacation" is no exception to that.

"OHFR?" is one my favorite singles of 2020, if not my favorite, but there is nothing on this record that lives up to its standards. However, there's definitely a unique blend of much more accessible pop rap elements with hardcore hip hop characteristics all throughout the effort, or as Rico Nasty would put it - "Sugar Trap", and that's undoubtedly something that launches her above her peers, standing out for her creativity and witty blend of contrasting styles in an incredibly oversaturated industry.

Truth be told that, on this release in particular, this blend is much more spread out throughout separate tracks than merged into singular tracks, as it's vastly easier to predict which one is going to fall under each category. With that much less creative amalgamation, it's more simple for me to pick which cuts I enjoy the most, those being the more ruthless and in-your-face hardcore hip hop ones. And even those are not constantly great, a lot of them are obstructed by lackluster and unfit features and, once in a while, by extremely uncreative choruses too, as showcased on "Check Me Out", "STFU" and "Let It Out", which are not necessarily unpleasant for anything other than the hooks. Rico Nasty is just repeating "check me out", "shut the fuck up" and "let it out", respectively, 10 times in a row and calling it a day and I cannot get behind that. Still, for the most part, Rico Nasty is in her natural habitat here, delivering dynamic performances with nothing in the way of multiple flow switches, incredibly contagious energy and imposing deliveries.

The LP starts notably more shaky in its first third but after such it begins to build up momentum, every tune starts to transition much more smoothly into the following and, with that, the listening experience commences to feel a lot more cohesive, as the fusion of such dissimilar aesthetics with "Candy", "Don't Like Me", "Check Me Out" and "IPHONE" all back-to-back, may give the impression, at first glance, that the album is going to be an absolute mess.

It also has to be said that Rico Nasty's more melodic and accessible approach with pop rap and bubblegum bass attempts all sprinkled throughout the record don't do her any favors, as those are certainly the weakest - the bubbly and dreamy instrumentals are not as ear-grabbing as the boomy, sonorous and hard-hitting beats found on the much more extreme rap cuts and not only is that instrumentation not as gratifying as the latter but her singing is also faulty and her voice just doesn't work alongside auto-tune as well as it does in some of her contemporaries cases. Nevertheless, the production carries this release as it contains some of the most imaginative beats out of any trap album this year, we can only describe it as anything but generic.

In conclusion, "Nightmare Vacation" is a record that stands out in an unoriginal field but falls flat, still, for its messy and convoluted blends.

Favorite tracks: Candy, Back & Forth, Girl Scouts, Loser, No Debate, OHFR?, 10Fo, Own It and Smack A Bitch.

Least favorite tracks: Don't Like Me and IPHONE.
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Dec 4, 2020
Fully agree. Great review.
Dec 4, 2020
Great review! Who do you think is better, Megan Thee Stallion or Rico Nasty?
Dec 4, 2020
@ParthanyJobtano thank you friend, appreciate it
Dec 4, 2020
@Cry thank you! it's easily Rico for me
Dec 4, 2020
@Rater Nice choice! Personally, I don't have a preference yet.
Dec 4, 2020
Great Review! It's funny though, I like the first half more than the second but I see your point
Dec 4, 2020
@redbded tysm
Dec 4, 2020
@Cry have you heard this album?
Dec 5, 2020
@Rater Yupp, although probably won't be reviewing it as I don't think I'll have the time to. I'd rate this album a 70.
Dec 5, 2020
@Cry u gave meg a negative score so...
Dec 5, 2020
@Rater I knew some would bring that up lol, but since I've know Megan for a much long time (even before she blew up), my expectations were very high for her which it failed to match while on the other hand Rico Nasty is only an artist that I know from being on the XXL Freshmen List and AOTY, with her few songs that I've listened to being really bad, actually impressing me with an interesting project which certainly isn't prefect but isn't too bad, plus I feel like there was a lot more variety on far fewer tracks on the album while Megan chose to rap abt sex and only sex (maybe Tory on one track) throughout her 17-track debut album. Hope that makes sense! :)
Dec 5, 2020
Additionally, I feel like there isn't a single female rapper that I know who has the aggressive style that Rico has!
Dec 5, 2020
@Cry what rico songs were really bad?
Dec 5, 2020
@Rater 'Beat My Face (The Race Remix)', 'Smack a ----'. and her XXL Freshmen were the three times I've heard her before listening to the album and they were all awful, in my opinion, although the 'Smack a ---- (Remix)' seems to be growing on me a little. Additionally, one of the worst songs this year, 'ST*U', was on this album.
Dec 6, 2020
@Cry idk mate smack a bitch sounds pretty decent to me. the xxl freshman verse was aight but she kept slurring her words and the first one you mentioned i haven't ever heard. stfu was alright, it was just the chorus that was bad
Dec 6, 2020
@Rater Yupp, the chorus completely ruined the entire song sadly, the XXL Freshmen verse was slurred a little, and smack was nothing special personally to me. :)
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