Conway the Machine - From King To A GOD
Sep 11, 2020 (updated Sep 12, 2020)
I'm a little underwhelmed by this. Conway the Machine's "From King to a GOD" left me with a bitter taste even after a few listens. I'm still torn on it, I enjoy it to a certain degree but I'm not really digging it.
This project started out really weak to me, every song leading up "Juvenile Hell" is below average at worst and decent at the very best. After that I started getting into the mood and enjoyed it a bit more.
Conway the Machine is pretty hit or miss to me, especially on this project - for a major part of the album I felt like he was punching under his weight, delivering his bars really dully and coming through with really lackluster flows. On the other hand, often his relatively dull delivery works really well when he's rapping over really somber instrumentals.
I know Conway can't do anything about this but the way he raps due to his facial paralysis can be really off-putting to me at times, especially how he pronounces some words and that is also a big problem that I have with this release. When he's rapping he kind of reminds me of Kanye West when he had his jaw wired shut on "Through The Wire". I think I'd enjoy him much more on features or on Griselda collective efforts, listening to him solo became tiresome.
But by far the worst aspect on this are the choruses. They are mostly terrible. There's really no hook here that is performed by Conway the Machine that I enjoy, the only good hooks on the project are handled by features. "Lemon" featured a really annoying delivery on the "lemon squeeze" line, "Damani" had a very off-key flow on the backend, singing on "Front Lines" was so-so and "Seen Everything But Jesus" sees Conway highlighting a terribly sang chorus, that sounded completely off-key with the instrumental. The only decent chorus from him on the LP appears on "Nothin Less" and that is only due to the scratching on the track.
Enough of negatives though. Conway the Machine is a great rapper. He has a lot to say and that shows. "From King to A GOD" has lots of content and that is its main selling point. From street charged content to braggadocio and even some more heartfelt content that shows up on deeper cuts, Conway the Machine is definitely someone that I will keep my eye open for from now on just based off of his lyricism and skillset alone, regardless of how I feel about this project.
Production on this I found to be quite entertaining as well. To me Conway shines the most when he's being provided these ghastly instrumentals and he's punching the listener with a more agressive delivery like on "Juvenile Hell". When he's doing so and he's spitting street rhymes, his lyricism is very vivid and animated, combined with very eerie production his storytelling is fantastic, it really makes me picture what's happening. While I think he shines way more over serious production, the rest was fine as well. A bouncy trap beat shows up on "Anza" - I enjoyed that one, and some more soulful beats turn up on deeper cuts, those were nice as well.
Another high point on here are definitely the features. Apart from Dej Loaf's terrible singing verse, everybody came through with great efforts, there are even some S tier features on the album. Most prominent highlights are Method Man with one of the best verses I've heard all year, there's some incredible wordplay from him on "Lemon"; Lloyd Banks with his captivating, raspily delivered verse "Juvenile Hell" and Armani Caeser with her really charismatic verse on "Anza" that caught me really off-guard.

Overall, this is a mixed bag but I feel like there's lots of potential here and a great deal of room for improvement.

Favorite tracks: Juvenile Hell, Anza, Spurs 3 and Jesus Khrysis.
Least favorite tracks: Fear of God, Dough & Damani and Seen Everything But Jesus.
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2d ago
I felt the same, his delivery is just not convincing
2d ago
@Kuru yeah he just sounds quite bored for the most part
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