clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Oct 23, 2020 (updated Jan 16, 2021)
It was rather uncomfortable for me to be involved in the wave of hype during this album's release, as, opposed to everybody else, I felt really indifferent towards it and I can only tell after a few months that my thoughts haven't changed much at all, "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" continues to be, upon further listening, a bizarre experience and a rather poorly executed one as well.

I want to start with positives for this one, as this LP has lots of potential shown on it, even if I'm not entirely enthusiastic about its result, I still think that the whole horror driven concept record and the aesthetic they go with along with their signature noise rap fusion is quite thought-provoking, even if only conceptually, and that's exactly where Daveed Diggs excels at too, as even though he is a rapper that is deficient in many departments, his biggest knack is one for vivid storytelling, gruesome imagery and things of sort, and I only imagine this to be the main selling point of the album, as it is the only component that is pulled off expertly.

Apart from that, it's only limitations going forward, as there is nothing else about this entire LP that is pulled off in a witty way, actually it's only presented really obnoxiously. Despite its intelligent concept and aesthetic, the project's outcome is exceedingly disastrous, being one-note and bland. Hopefully you don't mind me using the word bland a lot, as that is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the noise rap trio clipping. accurately, they bring onto the table production that is extremely skeletal and a rapper that is painfully nondescript, apart from his decent lyricism.

Daveed Diggs' voice is really characterless, his regular flow patterns are just, simply put, banal, and what's possibly his biggest flaw is this awkwardly delivered fast flow he tries to pull off so often, as that alone quite possibly took a handful of points out of my final rating.

Creating a dichotomy between the rapper's performances come the instrumentals that are usually really loud, the pointless kind of noisy, I may add, not that they are always displayed as useless, but that's a pattern that shows up on "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" and when they are not being extremely rowdy for no reason, they are super minimalistic, atmospheric and usually tend to burst at random points of the tracks.

As for now, I'm just waiting for someone to take this witty noise rap blend that clipping. is working with and put their own spin on it in a much more efficient way, as their approach is just not working currently. What I want them to sound like is flawlessly showcased on this release in particularly on one single cut, that being one of the most hard-hitting and well executed noisy tracks of 2020, "Looking Like Meat", which in itself features a noise rap group, which absolutely stole the show and showed clipping. how it's done, even if the production was handled by clipping. representatives and was quite certainly a highlight on the whole record, anyhow, on the rapping side we see Daveed Diggs getting completely humiliated on his own song, while Ho99o9 bring the noise rap sound to its maximum heights, exceeding with agressive deliveries and nearly shouted flows, which completely opposed to Daveed Diggs' one-dimensional rapping.

A great high point on the effort are its choruses, which I feel like is an underestimated quality that it has, they don't really make the project great in itself, but if this record was only the hooks I would've probably enjoyed it more than what I currently do, if that only goes to show something. Even if Daveed Diggs himself is a rather inflexible performer, he shows to have a serious knack for choruses, as he delivers slick and simple memorable vocal lines on most of them, along with production that normally goes from bare on the verses to layered on the choruses.

Just don't understand the appeal of this, think it's objectively not good. Particularly hate the noisy spots on it, lots of pointless interludes that only excel at making the tracks transition much more smoothly and I find the rapper to have quite limited vocabulary, even if he is decent at painting an image.

Favorite tracks: Say The Name, Looking Like Meat and Enlacing.

Least favorite tracks: Something Underneath, Make Them Dead, She Bad, Eaten Alive and Body for the Pile.
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Oct 23, 2020
It’s nice to see another opinion on the album, even if this is one of my aoty’s of the year so far
Oct 23, 2020
@reedybdeedy thank you, it's always great that to hear that we can enjoy different things without fighting over it
Oct 23, 2020
Even though i immensely enjoyed this project, I agree with some of the points you made. Most notably with you saying the production can be at times inaudible and can even feel like ear rape. I don’t like when they go full on Noise, it adds absolutely nothing to the album.
Oct 23, 2020
@PelicanManners i mean yes, that's definitely the worst part, but even when the production is more subdued, there is very little going on
Oct 23, 2020
@Rater I like that there isn’t much going on. The beats are minimalistic but extremely effective. Different opinions I guess. Really enjoyed the review though, great read!
Oct 23, 2020
@PelicanManners that's fine, i guess i kinda see the appeal. thank you
Oct 24, 2020
Oct 25, 2020
Hmmmm I completely disagree but I guess that's just because I enjoy earrape. Good to see an unpopular opinion every now and then though.
Oct 25, 2020
@rapscorer321 i enjoy ear rape too sometimes but just not to this extent
Oct 25, 2020
bad review
Oct 26, 2020
I'm on board with this review. I've never been much of a clipping. fan: it seems "experimental" on the surface only, but really features pretty standard minimalist production and sub-standard flows.
Oct 26, 2020
I completely agree
Oct 26, 2020
@masivnipero i probably just gave a score that you don't agree with and you completely ignored my thoughts. be a little more open-minded next time
Oct 26, 2020
@pressrg yeah u pretty much sumed up my issues with them, especially the sub-standard flows part
Oct 26, 2020
@jezovsky glad we agree
Oct 26, 2020
Amazing review man, I agree with this in its entirety. And the people who are saying bad review probably are just salty from not seeing another "yes man" giving this a 90-100
Oct 26, 2020
@LetalSherty couldn't have said it better myself
Oct 28, 2020
this album is kinda like numbers on the board by Pusha T, first it seems underwhelming, but it gets more catchier every time you replay it
Oct 28, 2020
@Iandlalt weird comparison but ok
Jan 12, 2021
Wow, interesting to see a lukewarm review of this album! Big clipping fan personally. I thought Visions was inferior to Addiction to Blood, but I still felt it was pretty head and shoulders above every other rap release last year. I enjoyed your review, since most people gave that album a free tongue bath.
Jan 12, 2021
@SassyTabasco thank you so much friend. i can't say i've checked out their other releases, as this one didn't inspire much confidence. this kind of hip hop is right up my alley so i'm sure it can be pulled off much better in the future
Jan 14, 2021
"clppng" is where they really defined their sound, but I HIGHLY recommend "Splendor and Misery", if you had to pick one album to give them another chance with.
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