Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts
Nov 27, 2020 (updated 2d ago)
A really messy release by Miley Cyrus.

"Plastic Hearts" starts out with a bang, in a really bad way, as she decided to kick it off with angsty and bogus pop-punk with over the top vocal performances and really stereotypical instrumentation. This record is divided in four parts: after the first couple or few songs we leave the terrible section of the album and we enter the personality driven, charismatic and catchy synthpop section of the LP with certified hits like "Prisoner" and "Midnight Sky". After the latter we get into the filler section of the record, in which we get five throwaway songs that are lot more folk/country influenced, here Miley Cyrus is sounding as uninspired as she could possibly ever be. To finish things off we enter the fourth section, that starts with track thirteen and ends with track fifteen, which is actually a part that bumps this album's rating by a lot, in a really shady way, that is. Here she finds herself remixing one of the only few tracks I thoroughly enjoyed and delivering two well sang covers of two certified classic tunes.

There's really no accurate way of suming up this LP due to how exaggeratedly diversified it is. Sometimes Miley Cyrus is delivering solid vocal performances, other times she's singing at excessive notes and coming off as really obnoxious. Sometimes she's appealing to fake depressed teens, sometimes she's appealing to pop stans, sometimes she's appealing to country dads.

What's the most consistent about this record is its emphasis on creating memorable choruses and its reoccuring unpredictable song structures. No, actually, scrap that. What's the most consistent about this album is its inconsistency. You never know what you're getting, it doesn't feel formulaic and for the most part, it doesn't feel forced. There's an overall congruous feel of momentum throughout the whole LP and that whole feel backed up by the project's instrumentation is what manages to fit in the most with the constant, unnecessary and massive blend of genres, even though the record is seldomly drowning in by-the-numbers guitar riffs and mundane country guitar melodies.

There's so much to be said about how convoluted this album feels, it's almost like a lot of tracks, or maybe even the different sections I mentioned in the beggining of this review, don't all belong in the same album. One thing is to experiment and try out different styles and other thing is just trying to force as many divergent approaches down the listener's throat as possible and expect them to take it.

This is certainly the representation of Miley Cyrus not caring about fitting in or just not giving a fuck in general, being herself and doing what ever the hell she wants, and I can surely appreciate that, even if the end result is not the best.

Favorite tracks: Prisoner, Night Crawling, Midnight Sky, Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix), Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival) and Zombie (Live from the NIVA Save Our Stages Festival).

Least favorite tracks: WTF Do I Know, Plastic Hearts, High, Hate Me, Bad Karma, Never Be Me and Golden G String.
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Nov 27, 2020
Ok then you convinced me to not like this album
Nov 27, 2020
Great review! :)
Nov 28, 2020
@ChildishBambino well, great
Nov 28, 2020
@Cry thank you :)
Nov 28, 2020
Fair review man! She has always given me the impression that at some point She is going to do something really exceptional. Certainly it is not this record, but I still think She will make it. With all her missteps She is a believable artist (much more than I can say from many of her peers).
Nov 28, 2020
@Whynot thank you friend, appreciate the kind words. completely agree with what you stated
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