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reaIreaIweaseI -
Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'.

Before I start this review I want to thank everyone who's read any of these dumb BTS reviews. It honestly makes me really happy that these get just as much support as the regular reviews. I means a lot to me. Whoever read every single one of these BTS reviews deserves a medal, honestly. I know the constantly increasing amount of BTS reviews was annoying, so thanks for sticking with me through that nonsense. This was a rushed conclusion for sure, but hopefully a good ... read more

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reaIreaIweaseI -
Lil Pump.

2017 was a magical year for trap music, with previously established artists such as Migos dropping modern day classics, and streaming services such as Soundcloud giving your everyday trapper a platform to advertise and post their music, opening the floodgates to aspiring Lils and Youngs everywhere becoming mainstream. And among these rappers emerging from Soundcloud is Gazzy Garcia, the smallest Pump known to man. He previously experienced small surges in popularity from singles such ... read more
reaIreaIweaseI -
Pink Season.

The times where Pink Season shines are when the jokes land, plain and simple. Pink Guy has three types of jokes he cycles through for the entirety of Pink Season: he'll either make fun of or satirize a particular individual or group of people, rap about something completely absurd, or say something sexual. I'll cover the first two types of jokes first, since those are the ones that cater to my awful sense of humor. The tracks where Pink Guy makes fun of or satirizes a person or ... read more
reaIreaIweaseI -

Championships is arguably the most important project of Meek Mill's entire career, and that is because it is his first full length commercial project after being released from prison. And Meek spends a great deal of Championships discussing his situation, and the traumatic experiences that came with being not only sentenced to four years in prison, but actually spending a few months in prison. He goes into great detail about his mental psyche during this extremely troubling time ... read more
reaIreaIweaseI -
Not the biggest fan of this one, but I admire the ambition nonetheless. It has a ton of interesting ideas but I feel it runs dry super quickly.
reaIreaIweaseI -
Alkaline Pink continues to drop much better and much more interesting music under the new alias. This darker sound pleases my inner 14 year old twenty one pilots fan.
Sep 21, 2020
Implicit Doom (Black Album): 9-27-20
Sep 20, 2020
What's your favorite album to listen in the Fall/Autumn season? It's for a list
Sep 16, 2020
Sorry for all the self-promo, but I just dropped a single that I'm quite proud of.
I'd love for you to check it out :)
Sep 16, 2020
The second single for my Halloween project is out now! Would love to get your opinion on it! I'll also be reworking the first single to sound better and fit the project more!

Sep 9, 2020
Hello there! I have a new EP out called Throwaways Pt. 2 which are tracks that are unfinished or didn't make on an official project. I was wondering if you would like to give a listen and leave a review. Thanks! <3
Sep 6, 2020
i’m glad you think that i’m trying to get better
Sep 4, 2020
thank you!! thanks for liking my stuff:)
Sep 4, 2020
Hey! sorry for spamming so much haha, but i just dropped a new little industrial house track which is QUITE the change of pace. and i'd love some feedbacl on it from you!
Hey everyone, Real Weasel here. Resident 17 year old Plants vs. Zombies fanboy. Loves Quavo, Juice WRLD and BTS. Despises conservatives, AJR and BTS. Reviews every other day at around 10 PM EST.

I don't mind a little self-promotion, if you made something and want to leave it in my Shoutbox you can go right ahead. I don't take standard requests though, don't ask me to review... fucking NF, please.

Favorite Song of the Day: JACKBOYS, WHAT TO DO?
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