Ty Dolla $ign - Featuring Ty Dolla $ign
Oct 23, 2020
Featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Over the past few years, Ty Dolla $ign has taken quite the career path, acting as the world's favorite feature artist. Though his solo catalog is largely overlooked by the hip-hop community, Ty's feature game is one of the most respected out of any artist working today. Of course he's most known for his collaborations with Kanye West, such as Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2), Everything We Need, and Fade, but his ability to lay down harmonies and hooks is also super apparent with tracks such as Megan thee Stallion's Hot Girl Summer, Migos' White Sand, and Lil Yachty's Movin' Up (which is super underrated btw). So when the title of his forthcoming record was announced to be "Featuring Ty Dolla $ign", I was pretty excited to say the least. Not only was Ty collaborating with every artist under the sun, but the title made it clear that these songs would be feature Ty level of good.

And Featuring Ty Dolla $ign managed to be a pretty decent R&B / trap record, with Ty Dolla $ign working with numerous different sounds and collaborators. And because of the variety of production and voices on this record, it isn't boring at all. You'd think that a 25 track Ty Dolla $ign record would get pretty boring, but with the sheer variety of sounds on this record Ty Dolla $ign manages to power through the project's potential boredom, as Ty and his collaborators jump from idea to idea extremely quickly. But this strength is also sort of a weakness, because the biggest problem with Featuring Ty Dolla $ign is actually that it's just inconsistent. With so many tracks and so many different voices, it'd be nearly impossible that they all hit.

What I just said was probably pretty confusing, so I'm just gonna summarize that paragraph here and pretend I never wrote it. Featuring Ty Dolla $ign succeeds when Ty (or the feature, but they rarely do the hook on this record) comes through with a catchy vocal performance, the feature comes through with a good verse, and the production is good. Take note of the lack of the word either in that sentence, because if one of these three components is lacking the track is doomed.

To back up what I'm trying to say, let's go through a few examples. Let's start positive, and take a look at the closer, Ego Death. Ego Death is the most complete package on the record, and completes every item on the checklist. Catchy Ty performance? Check. Good production, this time courtesy of Skrillex? Check. Good features? Check. FKA twigs has a fantastic outro and Kanye's verse is pretty great. Perfect track imo.

But the amount of complete packages are equal to the amount of tracks that lack all three components needed. For example, though the track Freak features a pretty decent beat and an appearance from God, Ty Dolla $ign comes through with his most uninteresting performance on the entire record. Tyrone 2021 features a decent beat and performance from Ty Dolla $ign, but also features an appearance from Big Sean, who sucks. And finally, Double R features a great Ty Dolla $ign appearance and feature, but has a sucky beat.

In conclusion, Featuring Ty Dolla $ign is an admirable effort from Ty Dolla $ign, and features some of his best work to date. But, as with many other 6/10s, it's almost as enjoyable as it is annoying, because this record is very inconsistent. Many tracks are lacking in either a good Ty performance, a good feature, or a good beat, and missing even one of those components can turn a promising track into a mediocre one. Ty Dolla $ign's feature game will most likely continue to be extremely impressive, but his album game? I'm not sure.

Favorite Track(s): Status, Temptations, Spicy, Track 6, Expensive, Real Life, Time Will Tell, Powder Blue, Ego Death
Least Favorite Track: Tyrone 2021
Oct 24, 2020
Love the review! :)
Oct 24, 2020
@Cry thank you!
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