Trippie Redd - A Love Letter To You 3
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7.9 - Great

Welp, this one surprised me.

Trippie Redd has always been an odd artist to me. From what I’ve known, his discography has always been extremely hit or miss, but at his best, Trippie can be a standout in trap rap as a whole with his vocals and melodies. And I will say, A Love Letter To You 3 is for sure a highlight in his somewhat messy career.

Firstly production wise, this mixtape is quite good. It can range from gospel trap rap, seen on the excellent Topanga, or well done sad trap rap on I Tried Loving or Negative Energy, while also having absolute bangers such as the phenomenal 1400 / 999 Freestyle. The tape has a ton of variety in its sound, and I really like that, even if that means there are some tracks that are stronger than others. Still, for the most part, it’s extremely strong.

However, what really stands out about A Love Letter To You 3 is Trippie himself. His vocals and hooks are so irresistibly catchy, it’s hard not to hum some of these hooks once in a while. His lyricism isn’t amazing by any means, but he doesn’t really need that due to the amount of passion in his voice, making the tape a really engaging listen.

However, I definitely have some issues with this tape. I will say that like most of Trippie’s work, it’s still quite inconsistent, even if it is not as inconsistent as some of his other work. Some of the features were slightly underwhelming as well. But as a whole, A Love Letter To You 3 is a tape that I will be coming back to for a while, and is a great trap rap listen that I definitely recommend.

Best tracks: Topanga (fav), Fire Starter, Negative Energy, Can’t Love, Emani Interlude, Elevate & Motivate, I Tried Loving, Wicked, Loyalty Before Royalty, 1400 / 999 Freestyle (other fav), Diamond Minds

Least fav: Camp Fire Tale
5d ago
Love this review!! Trippie Redd kinda overhated!! :)
5d ago
It is by far his best project and very underestimated! Great review!
5d ago
@Cry @DoubleZ thanks! U do really like this one
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