Yung Lean - STARZ
Dec 1, 2020 (updated May 4, 2021)
8.3 - Great

Ladies, gents, and non-binary friends, I can now say that I am drained.

This is my introduction to Yung Lean, and I had a great time, and I think I have reached my ultimate drained form. I love the druggy and hazy aesthetic that is used for most of the listen, and part of that is carried by Whitearmor’s production. God damn, he absolutely killed it, every track feels like such a vibe, and there isn’t a moment wasted. Yung Lean himself although not that lyrical, perfectly fits the aesthetic of the album, with his sweet and whispery voice that is super relaxing, but can be hype when needed. To me though, the best part of the album is it’s consistency, as my problem with most albums that are drained is that they have some bumps. However, Starz has a super clean tracklist, making it my favorite drained listen so far! Overall, DRAIN GANG 4 L, and this is good album to start if you want to get into the collective as a whole.

Best tracks: My Agenda, Yayo, Boylife in EU, Violence, Outta My Head, Acid at 7/11, Starz, Hellraiser, Butterfly Paralyzed, Dogboy, Iceheart, Pikachu, Low, Put Me in a Spell

Least fav: n/a

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