Death Grips - The Powers That B
Nov 3, 2020 (updated May 5, 2021)
9.4 - Phenomenal/Must Listen

Well, my opinions have changed on this one.

After a second listen to this thing, I have now realized that this is my favorite Death Grips album.

The Powers That B is a difficult listen, for sure. And yes, it was very hard for me to get into this one. At first, I thought it was great,but I didn’t really get the hype. Some songs felt too long or dragging at the time, and it could be a little repetitive. However, as I have given this more time, my complaints with this album have faded away almost completely. This review is going to be split up into two parts, acting as 2 reviews for each disc of the album, and why I love them so much. Here we go.

DISC ONE: NOTM - 9.5/10

NOTM has become my favorite thing Death Grips has done. The production on this disc is some of the best in Death Grips discography,a don the Björk samples throughout are absolutely enthralling. It’s feels so glitchy and unconventional, sonically it can range from sounding like drowning in a pool of technology, to some floaty, glitchy tunes. It is probably the most creative Death Grips has gone with it’s sound, and part of that is also due to Ride on here. Along with the immense amount of Björk samples, MC Ride details themes like existential crisis, and agony, to make a musical match like no other. Overall, NOTM is really something else, and it’s also some of the most consistent work in the band’s catalogue.

Best tracks: ALL OF EM ESPECIALLY: Up My Sleeves, Billy Not Really, Have A Sad Cum BB, Big Dipper

Least fav: n/a

DISC TWO: Jenny Death - 9.2/10

If you told me a while back that I would be giving this score, I would say that you were out of your mind.

Yea I used to think this was disappointing. At a first listen, the songs just felt long for no reason, and it was inconsistent for me. But I really did a full 180 here. This has become slowly one of my favorites in the band’s discography as well. Sonically, it’s punk/rock influence is sprawling everywhere throughout, with the loud, abrasive guitars and drums. And it is absolutely wild. It’s so abrasive and entertaining, it just hypes me up like none other. And surprisingly, it’s loudness and abrasion can be beautiful, like in the godly track that is On GP (no joke I almost cried to this bc it was so beautiful). And the lyrical themes from NOTM have have also shifted onto here, and it just feels like a mental breakdown on all fronts. It’s some great stuff.

Best tracks: I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States, Inanimate Sensation, Why A Bitch Gotta Lie, The Powers That B, Beyond Alive, Centuries Of Damn, On GP

Least fav: Death Grips 2.0

Overall, The Powers That B is a monster of an album, and is some of the best experimental hip hop out there. It’s so abrasive, fun, and off the walls, I can now say that it is definitely a must listen.

oh you like death grips huh? then go ahead and tell me who was on the moon
@TomBejoy ahhhhhh you got me
@reedybdeedy it's alright 2/3rd of dg cant say that album title

neighbors on the moon?
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