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Taylor Swift - folklore
Dec 1, 2020 (updated Sep 1, 2021)
7.0 - Nice

I have had a weird relationship with this one.

folklore has been an album I have been thinking about listening to for a while, due to the countless requests from my friend, but due to my dumb little brain, I was worried this would suck due to the constant replays from her songs from my older sister. And unsurprisingly, it didn’t suck. This is a very interesting listen from Taylor, and her most “different” release yet. If you don’t know already, she dives into baroque pop, which is a perfect fit. She has surprisingly clever songwriting and storytelling that I haven’t heard from her before, and the production is quite serene and pretty. I really respect Taylor for changing it up on here, but I do have some complaints. Firstly, this thing is bloated. Tracks just go on for too long, and it didn’t have to be a hour. Secondly, sometimes this can get slightly boring, as even though it is very calming, sometimes tracks don’t change up enough. Due to this, I will say I probably won’t listen to it again, but this is still Taylor’s best work yet, and if she is able to improve on her baroque pop style and trim the fat, she could make an amazing album that would absolutely exceed expectations.

Best tracks: the 1, the last great american dynasty, exile, august, invisible string, betty, peace

Least fav: cardigan

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