Megan Thee Stallion - Good News
6.5 - Good


Good News is the new album from Megan, and I have to say I’m disappointed. Which sucks.

Megan Thee Stallion is a great rapper. You can’t deny it, no matter how much you hate on her. Her technical skill is great with some great flows, fun personality and lyricism, and great breath control. However, she hasn’t been able to release a great album. Fever was good, although not great and she could’ve done better, and the SUGA EP was pretty disappointing. And with Good News, I was hoping she would change that, with my intrigue rising with the stacked feature list from SZA, Young Thug, and more. This peaked my curiosity, and optimistically, I jumped into the album, and unfortunately, I probably won’t come back to it.

Well why is that? From all of the good things I said about Megan, what are the flaws of Good News?

Firstly, this thing is inconsistent to say the least. There are tracks that I like a lot, and others that I just don’t like at all. This constant up and down in between tracks makes it hard to get through. Secondly, this thing is bloated. Good News did NOT need to be 17 tracks long. If the fat was trimmed, we would have a quite solid album on our hands. However, that is not the case.

Moving on, let’s talk about the tracks themselves. Throughout the bulk of the record, Megan is able to hold herself up with all of her like-able traits, but the production just needs to improve. Some of the instrumentals sound super awkward and cluttered, which can ruin parts of the record. There is also a lack of good hooks, which can make some tracks annoying or stale. Also one of the most disappointing parts of the album are the features. Although most of them are good, with the exception of Thugger, SZA, Beyoncé, and Big Sean, none of them really add to the record’s quality. And like the tracklist, some of the songs on here also just go on for too long. (Also, do not let Megan sing again I am sorry) All of this adds up to a mostly mid experience.

Damn, I really ripped this one apart. Then why is it a 65?

Well, there are redeeming qualities of the album. Like I said earlier, Megan is a very talented rapper, and she covers up some of the record’s flaws. And even though the record is inconsistent, it’s highs are still quite great and I will probably come back to a few tracks. But overall, this could be much better, and I just hope she goes up from here.

Best tracks: Shots Fired, Circles, Cry Baby, What’s New(fav), Go Crazy, Outside, Savage (Remix), Girls In The Hood, Don’t Stop

Least fav: Sugar Baby, Don’t Rock Me To Sleep

Critics must be thirsty af for giving this a 91+
5d ago
good review, we almost totally agree here, you sumed up my thoughts pretty nicely
5d ago
AOTY is a ghost town rn where is everyone
5d ago
@Rater thanks, read your review and I totally agree as well
5d ago
Great review, I was disappointed too! :(
5d ago
@redbded i guess we don't agree on Megan's singing, i thought the rnb track was pretty smooth
5d ago
@Rater Megan's singing was one of the only things on the album that impressed me
4d ago
@Rater @Cry really that’s interesting I felt the opposite way, it just sounded annoying and awkward imo
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