slowthai - TYRON
Feb 12, 2021 (updated Feb 17, 2021)
8.0 - Great

So this slowthai album, is nice!

slowthai is an artist that came onto the scene as an extremely refreshing UK rapper with the release of Nothing Great About Britain, a great debut that would make him a talked about figure. Since then, he has released upcoming singles for this new album, that have varied in quality, but I was still quite excited for his new release. And now we have the album, and even though I will say it is not as good as his debut, TYRON is still an enjoyable listen.

So as I predicted, this album has basically two sides. The first half contains all titles with UPPERCASE LETTERS, while the second half has only lowercase letters. My prediction was that the ones with the capital letters would be more energetic, and the lowercase would be more calm, which was exactly on point. Production wise, this thing has a ton of variety, for better or for worse, but usually has trap elements thrown in. For most of the tracks the production is quite good and never really gets stale. My favorite track in terms of production is i tried, with it’s beautiful guitars that work so well with the vibe of the track. However I will say that sometimes the production can be boring on tracks like PLAY WITH FIRE or nhs. But mostly, it’s nice. slowthai himself continues to shine with his fun bars, and introspection towards the second half. He can sometimes slip with a bad line or hook, but this is not common. The features on here are solid, but don’t really add too much to the table, with the exception of Skepta on CANCELLED, as slowthai is still the “star” of the record I’d say.

So for flaws, this record has quite a few. Firstly, I think that some of these tracks run wayyyy too short. One great example of this is WOT, a track with amazing production but it’s only 48 SECONDS. Still one of the better tracks on the album though. Secondly, this thing is not as memorable as Nothing Great About Britain, with only a few exceptions (CANCELLED, MAZZA, i tried). Thirdly, this album has a much stronger second half in my opinion, with some parts of the first half being unnecessary, even if I do like some of the tracks that are there. But overall, TYRON is an album that I won’t be coming to THAT often, but is still a fun and fresh release from the UK artist. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

Best tracks: 45 SMOKE, CANCELLED, MAZZA, WOT, i tried (fav), focus, terms, push, feel away, adhd

Least fav: nhs

PS: Also sorry if this review isn’t amazing since I work really hard on my Sia review. Check it out if you can:
Feb 12, 2021
Great review!! I'll check out your Sia review now! :)
Feb 12, 2021
@Cry thanks bro
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