Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon
Apr 2, 2021 (updated 1d ago)
8.5 - Amazing

EDIT: It I starting to grow off me, I don’t know if I can call this AOTY anymore, it for some reason got a little more unmemorable with each listen. I still really like it though, and it is still quite an astonishing album front to back. This also might change since it hasn’t been too much time.

After listening to Igloo’s past work throughout the week, I gotta say, he continues to blow my mind.

Lei Line Eon is the new album to come out from the maximalist producer Iglooghost, and I was quite excited for it. As said above, I listened to his work due to the hype, more specifically Neō Wax Bloom, Clear Tamei, and Steel Mogu. I had a great time with all of these, especially Neō Wax, with it’s bangers and wonky style that completely blew me away when I first heard it. The hype for this album increased and increased, and I did not listen to the singles, as I wanted a complete surprise. And I’ve got to say, as a whole, Lei Line Eon is proof to me of how Iglooghost is such a versatile producer, with immaculate and gentle atmospheres, even if it could be a change of pace for some.

Lei Line Eon is not a “wonky” album, which can definitely turn some people off. The peak adrenaline in his last efforts like Neō Wax and Steel Mogu were invigorating to say the least, and him going in a new, avant-garde direction can catch people off guard, including me at first. However, even if it is not the same style, this album feels like the true evolution of Iglooghost, still containing the mind-bending nature of his past work, while not creating as many “bangers.” Basically, said simply, Neō Wax Bloom is like a car chase in a city, while Lei Line Eon is like a serene walk into a sci-fi forest, if that makes any sense at all. The album is a lot more mellow in it’s vibe, sort of sounding like a combination between the more mellow SOPHIE cuts and Björk, and it works extremely well. Iglooghost is so good at creating scenery in his works, and every track completely ascends you to a different plane, with the distorted and stretched bass, rippling snares, and melodic strings. I have to point out specifically, that the violin on this album is absolutely immaculate and heavenly, and works wonders throughout the listen. I also have to mention the absolutely phenomenal mix on this thing, as in past releases I felt like the mix was a little overbearing due to the amount of things going on, but here Igloo hits a perfect sweet-spot between noisy and serene. In terms of pacing, this album never feels dull, and is constantly throwing new ideas at you, being extremely refreshing and satisfying in the process. The transitions on here also also absolutely astounding, which can also be seen in his other work, so it wasn’t really a surprise. I guess in terms of low points, is a don’t think this is as memorable as the high points on Neō Wax Bloom, but that might change with more listens, as well as the fact that this release is more consistent. I also feel like some of the children’s vocals were slightly unnecessary, even if they have grown on me.

As a whole, Lei Line Eon to me feels like the ideas and potential of Clear Tamei being fleshed out into a release pointing out it’s more melodic and calm moments, basically perfectly. This results in Iglooghost’s most mature, gorgeous, and refined work yet, with an extremely consistent track-list to go along with it. It’s just pure ear porn once again, being extremely pretty and carefully made, and is probably my favorite album of the year so far. Bravo, Iglooghost, bravo.

Best tracks: Eœ (Disk•Initiate), Pure Grey Circle, Slyph Fossil, Light Gutter, Big Protector, UI Birth, Zones U Can’t See, Soil Bolt, Yellow Umbra

Least fav: n/a
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Apr 2, 2021
I think he fucking killed this new direction. Loving the hell out of this. And the track with the children choral vocals doesn't even sound tacky or cheesy like it can be. It reinforces a child-like wonder that this album sometimes feels like it is emitting. There is such a curious and wonderous awe that travels along with the sounds and production that Iglooghost is putting forward. Geezus this man is a Genius. Great review <3
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