Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World
Oct 7, 2021 (updated 6d ago)
8.7 - Amazing

A never-ending journey of bubbly, synth-pop bliss.

Magdalena have arrived with their debut album, after around 2 years of anticipation. Although I am extremely late to hope on the Magdalena Bay train, over the past couple of days I started to prepare myself for this album by listening to Killshot, a song that I adore. I was hoping throughout the album, we’d get fed with more synth porn and heavenly vocals, and that’s exactly what was delivered on Mercurial World.

This shit fucks. In terms of consistent banger after banger, this album 100% delivers, with each track having it’s own flare. I adore the rising tension on tracks like Chaeri, the first single of the album in fact. The synths get increasingly louder and louder, with the drums slowly pounding and getting more bit crushed, making the explosive synth arpeggios on the bridge POP. One track that is pretty different from others is Hysterical Us production-wise, a part of the album that seems like it would fit into a modern day Beatles revival, with a 80s flare. It sounds so clean, letting Mica’s voice pop, and the combo of the drums and piano just slaps. The production on this whole LP is just mad, feeling so extravagant at parts, yet able to be minimalistic, as well as being varied but not too varied. As a whole, the style perfectly fits perfectly with Mica’s irresistible vocals and hooks. Her lyrics range from fantasizing about ambiguous love or heartbreak, and even though these ideas are used quite often in the genre, it works well for the album’s narrative. In general, Mercurial World is able to take risks for its benefit, in a way that is extremely refreshing in the pop sphere.

Where this album really came to surprise me though is it’s concept. On first listen, I can’t fully grasp it, but if I had to guess, Mercurial World is a journey of sorts, one that truly never ends. And I mean it. The tracks transition to each other seamlessly, with the final track “The Beginning” transitioning to the intro “The End” as well. It’s hard to decipher what’s going on, but I think with more time, the narrative of Mercurial World will make more sense. As a whole though, this album is a catchy, fun, enticing, and intoxicating album from Mica and Micheal, and I’m excited to relisten to it.

Best tracks: The End, Mercurial World, Secrets (Your Fire), You Lose!, Something for 2, Chaeri, Halfway, Hysterical Us, Prophecy, Dreamcatching, The Beginning

Least fav: Domino? I don’t know it’s a pretty consistent listen.
Oct 8, 2021
great review reedy! <3
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