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Axolotl ★ - Dim Mist XII
Hey everyone, this is my 4th single on Axolot, definitely, my favorite one that I did, while I'm mainly focusing on the next ReMark album (which will have ambient elements), I'm also working on this album too. But yeah I'm pretty proud of this one and the way it turned out. I'm only adding a rating so it shows up in feeds, I will remove it.

I played, made, and mixed/mastered everything myself in Fl Studio 20. Here are all the links in this one smart ... read more

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King Krule - Space Heavy
King Cool 😎

My introduction to King Krule went something like this: I saw the Ooz cover art I was like "what a great cover!", then I listened to a few of the songs and thought it was pretty bad, especially the vocals. I was hoping this wasn't going to be the same story because the cover art is once again fantastic, but my expectations weren't very high. And oh damn this album completely blew my expectations out of the water, I have to say, I was not expecting this to like it so ... read more

Squid - O Monolith
I wish this cover art would be a picture of the Squid from Minecraft, that would get an automatic 10 from me.

The Art Punk band Squid are finally back with their sophomore record, after the impressive Bright Green Field. The last time I've heard that album was when it dropped though, so I haven't listened to them in a while. Then the singles started dropping, which I was pretty impressed by, so I was intrigued to check this out.

And it ended up being good, yet the album songs didn't really ... read more

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
Thanks for the 1700 followers! I haven't done a special since hitting 1K, but I figured why not! Let's just do it.

At first, I really couldn't see the appeal of this album, to be honest. I really just wasn't in the mood for it, it felt like I was swinging around with a stick to try to get it, but I just didn't get it. The first few tracks felt kind of boring to me, so I turned it off, because I wasn't in the mood at all. I was also just intimidated by the absurd length of almost 2 hours, but ... read more

青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - Space Orphans
holy fucking shit this is beautiful I need to check out some albums from Ichiko now
Gunna - bread & butter
This is a vibe ngl, i love that bassline. I mean after the complete disaster of DS4EVER (which was complete ass), it's refreshing to see him go back to vibey music that he's actually good at


Just left a review! May you please tell me when you drop another song please?
hey remi, gonna check your new single next week since the current one's been tiring me a lot, both mentally and fisically, but i promise i will at least review this one
Thanks Remi! I left you a review.
This site has kind of tainted my love for music, so I stopped giving out meaningless scores and it kind of became addicting for a while. But now I can talk about whatever kind of music I want on my Twitter and give my thoughts on anything. Besides, this community gets out of hand when everyone gets mad at each other. That's pretty much the reason :3
I'm done reviewing and rating here, but I'm still gonna be here for comments and other stuff. :3
Yoo i never saw the feedback u gave me on ydk ty bro will deff check out ur new track!
Please send me any new music that you make and i will make sure to give a listen to them. I like the music, keep it going!
I got you, I just need that Apple Music link if you have it
some idiot at my school is getting mad at me for my discord status being "I hate homophobes" and saying its rude to homophobic ppl 💀 now shes telling everyone how hateful I am lol
I HAVE AN IDEA!! So Kendrick’s worst song is obviously “B!tch I’m In The Club”.. It is currently in his top 6 highest rated songs of all time (obviously people are joking), but I’d like it to be #1. If we get a bunch of people to rate the song a 100, we can get it to #1!! Its just one point away, so heres what to do:

1. Go to Kendrick Lamar’s page
2. Go to his mixtapes
3. Click on “C4”
4. Rate “B!tch I’m In The Club” a 100



too honest for some people
please ignore my rap reviews from years ago, I'm too lazy to delete them all lol
blocking toxic people

Just a guy from Slovakia with problems being obsessed with music.

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Working on a metal & ambient album atm.

Fav genres: ambient, alternative metal, slowcore, metalcore, psychedelic rock

Fav bands: Pink Floyd, Deftones, Radiohead, Breaking Benjamin, Alcest

Fav artists: C418, Aphex Twin, Michael Jackson

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