The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Sep 12, 2023
Billy, open your nose

Before I start this review, I gotta say that Zero and Tonight Tonight have to be one of the greatest Alternative Rock songs ever. I always loved those ones, but never really checked out the whole album outside of the big hits. But yeah those songs are 11/10, just wanted to get that out of the way immediately.


What intimidated me was the insanely long 2 hours runtime with 28 tracks. But apparently, there's little to no filler on here, so I finally braced myself and went on this long adventure.

And they were right, this thing has damn near no filler on it!

It took me quite a while to get used to Billy Corgan's extremely nasally vocal delivery, but honestly, I think it works extremely well with the music. The album has a lot of charisma, energy, and great melodies on it. His voice takes some getting used to, but I honestly don't mind it much.

Also, I genuinely think there's a very small amount of weak or mediocre tracks on here if any. The riffs are very interesting for the most part, whether going for an energetic or a more melodic vibe, Both vibes work great here. The hooks are catchy, the verses are creative, and generally, everything comes together really well, despite being so long. Love the Alternative Rock and Dream Pop vibe, and I think both of the melodic beautiful tracks and the heavier Grungier tracks work well. Can't pick which ones are my favorite, I love the heavier "rockier" ones a lot, but the melodic ones are just so beautiful and emotional... They do both perfectly...

It's not a perfect album by any means, I mean god, it's 2 hours long! Not every track is going to be amazing, but even if some of the tracks were just "pretty good", I'd still say they were no or very few mediocre moments here. It's truly a pure Alternative Rock adventure in a very pure form, and I love that about it. All of the members of the band seem to be at their peak form here.

Let's go through some tracks on the first side "Dawn to Dusk". Tonight, Tonight is a fantastic beautiful song, that guitar and bass progression is just soo good and gorgeous. Especially the part after the chorus and in the intro. I already talked about Zero, this song is just fantastic. That riff is sooooo hard, I absolutely love it. Vocals are badass too. Here Is No Why is a banger, Bullet With Butterfly Wings is an acrobatic hit, that's got a ton of personality to it. To Forgive is also one of my favorites, its lowkey Dream Pop vibe is really beautiful, I love the guitars on this track. Gorgeous. And how could I forget Porcelina Of the Vast Oceans, which is one of the most ambitious tracks on the record, it's amazing. There are some tracks here that I don't really remember all that well, even on multiple listens, but none of them were bad or mediocre.

Let's now go through some highlights on the second side "Twilight To Starlight". Starting this side off with Where Boys Fear to Tread is such a BOOM. Easily one of my favorite songs on the record, That riff just goes too hard, and the vocals are badass. Quite a heavy Rock track actually, coming from The Smashing Pumpkins. And if that wasn't enough, it immediately gets followed up with Bodies, which is yet another explosive track with amazing riffs and vocals. Pretty fast-paced too. Thirty-Three is a very sweet sad song, like this one quite a bit. 1979 is obviously an absolute classic. The sad dreamy feel to this song is just absolutely magical, and everything including the lyrics and vocals just comes together so perfectly here. A perfect song. Stumbleine is also one of my favorites, this song is absolutely gorgeous and very sad. X.Y.U is yet another heavy slapper, definitely a highlight.

If there was one song on the whole album that I straight-up didn't like, it would be Tales of a Scorched Earth. This song is just very boring and mid. But hey, that's one filler song out of 28, which is wild. I mean there are a few more "filler" tracks but they're still good, and I wouldn't necessarily call them super filler. Just light filler, that fills the album well. Tracks like Beautiful, Love or In The Arms Of Sleep. Depends on what you would consider filler I guess. Did this album NEED to be 28 tracks? Definitely not. But do I mind it being that long? Not necessarily. It works, despite the fact that some cutting in the tracklist would definitely up my score. So here's my own version of the tracklist, shortened, and formed by my favorite tracks, I cut it in half.

1. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
2. Tonight, Tonight
3. Zero
4. Here Is No Why
5. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
6. To Forgive
7. Cupid de Locke
8. Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
9. Where Boys Fear To Tread
10. Bodies
11. Thirty-Three
12. 1979
13. X.Y.U
14. Stumbeline/Farewell And Goodnight

It's such a long package to process, and I'm sure a lot of the songs will keep growing on me. So if they do, I will update the review and score! (will happen many times most likely). But for now, this is a really impressive album with some amazing highlights despite of its length!

FAV TRACKS: Zero, Tonight Tonight, 1979, Stumbeline, Where Boys Fear To Tread, To Forgive, Mellan Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Bodies, Thirty-Three, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Here Is No Why, Porcelina of the Vast Oceans, Cupid de Locke
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Tales of a Scorched Earth

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'Billy, open your nose' lol. Great review, this is a fantastic album!
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