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Björk - Post
Aug 30, 2023
Boink keeps absolutely killing it, I CANNOT WAIT to finish her whole discog.


Post is an interesting release from Bjork for a multitude of reasons. First being that it's her most accesible, at least from what I've heard. And that plays to its benefit, since a lot of these tracks are easier and quicker to get into, yet still have that fantasic unique musical depth and originality that Bjork brings on her records. I mean it's her most popular album for a reason, but I like how that accessiblity doesn't take away from the enourmous shining personality of the record. It's still very artsy, unqiue and "bjorky".

Her vocals as always are absolutely amazing on here, the high notes she's able to hit are just wild. The hooks are again a little more ear-warmy but still carry a ton of emotion and personality. Love the choruses of the first two tracks, they are absolutely infectious. The verses are very interesting and the versatility production-wise and songwriting-wise is amazing all through out. It's just such a dynamic record, despite being so chilled out, and I think that's mainly for Bjork's infectious vocal gymnastics combined with the unique instrumentation, mostly including synths, electronic drums, pads, weird sound effects and strings.

Even the tracks I wasn't crazy about on first listen or wasn't sure how to feel about such as It's Oh So Quiet have grown on me A LOT. That track in particular is exactly the opposite of my cup of tea, but the way Bjork did it here made me like a song that I would normally hate if it went for that kind of direction. Love the drums and overall vibe on I Miss You. Again, it's more accesible, and I love it for that. It's such a refreshing track to have on the tracklist, especially after the slower Isobel and Possibly Maybe. Army Of Me is so infectious as I said, and I love the almost grungy bassline on that track too, I wasn't expecting that from Bjork, but it seems she can do anything perfectly. Hyper-Ballad is mindblowing, and I also really like Isobel and even the short interlude of You've Been Flirting Again. I don't really count Cover Me as an album track, since it's mostly just an interlude while You've Been Flirting Again feels more like a complete song. But it does sound extremely pretty and I'd never skip it, it's pretty gorgeous, but just an interlude.

But the main highlights for me outside of the first two songs, would have to be Enjoy and Possibly Maybe. I recognized Enjoy as soon as she started singing and I was like... I've heard this melody before? Turns out it's from the Fleshwater Enjoy Metal cover LOL. That was one of my fav songs of last year and my dumb ass didn't even know the original track. But yeah the bassline melody on this track is fantastic and the whole track is just brilliant and exactly my cup of tea. Will end of being one of my favorite Bjork tracks for sure. Possibly Maybe on the other hand has these absolutely amazing synths and vocals that I can't get enough of, with pretty intriguing lyrics also. Headphones is a pretty interesting way to close it out, it's a lowkey track, but I love how hypnotizing and atmospheric it is. Love the drums on it too, it sounds like they're just gently touching your ear it's awesome. And the vocal panning adds even more to the "nature-like" beautiful atmosphere of the outro.

Generally the tracklist is extremely tight, pretty great front to back, there's no mediocre or boring moment here and I feel like most of the experimentation works like wonders. I'm guessing this is going to end up being one of my favorite Bjork records, or at least in my top 3, once I finish her discography. I mean nothing's going to top Homogenic, but either way, Post is fantastic front to back in terms of the tracklist and all other elements too.

So yeah in general, Post is Bjork's easiest to get into and most accessible album, and definitely one of her best. It's just a joy to listen to and while I really really liked the Debut record, Post takes that sound and elevates it to another level, which both appeals to a casual listener, as well as a picky music connoiseur. She's constantly changing and elevating on each record it seems, so I can't wait to get into her other projects. Now, I've heard Homogenic before many times and heard Vespertine once or twice, but I still have to re-review them so I'll be going through every single album without missing one!

This was fantastic and super fun.

FAV TRACKS: Enjoy, Possibly Maybe, Army Of Me, Hyper-Ballad, I Miss You, Headphones, Isobel, You've Been Flirting Again

im so glad you loved this, while not one of her most experimental it sure does slap and has such beautiful artwork. my vinyl of it comes soon, good review < 3
@Calupmullings thank you! not everything has to be experimental and crazy haha, I like that element of it for sure, I gotta get the vinyl too!
if you don't give Vespertine a perfect score, it's over
@Torrance we'll see about that
Boink >> Bjork
@firegold763 facts
This whole review is a gigantic W, love this album
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