Pop Evil - Skeletons
Mar 18, 2023 (updated Apr 3, 2023)
I heard this album had Breaking Benjamin vibes so I was intrigued, obviously, because I mean BB are my top 5 favorite band of all time.

And immediately with Paranoid, there were definitely similarities. I was only looking for some bangers with catchy riffs and bangers here, and that's kinda what I got!

Although I have to say I wasn't a big fan of the vocalist here, I don't really like his voice, even if he has good ideas and melodies here. Some of his vocals even feel like he isn't hitting the right notes. Like he's a little tone-deaf and not as pitch-perfect as the vocalist he's influenced by. But I can excuse it since the vocal melodies are good. And the instrumentals are also mostly good too.

Yeah, I'm glad there are bands that do this style in 2023, I'd say it's way more Metal and heavy than BB (similar to MIW), but still has that same Alt Metal vibe, which I love. Obviously nowhere near on their level, but still, not bad. The track Dead Reckoning with FFAK sounds straight up like a MIW song, from the reincarnate era.

I have to say though that I hated songs like Sound of Glory, those are the Woah woah chorus that sounds like Shinedown or Godsmack and I'm just not here for it. If those would've been taken out, it would have a way higher rating. The BB-influenced tracks are by far the highlights here. And also the track "Worth It" is exactly what I want from this genre in 2023, it's a beautifully emotional track, one of my favs this year so far, love that song, the vocal melodies on there are just amazing. Also, Eye Of The Storm goes HARD too

I wasn't expecting an album like this to drop, and while it has duds on it, it also has highlights.

FAV TRACKS: Worth It, Eye Of The Storm, Paranoid, Circles
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Sound of Glory, Raging Bull

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