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Trippie Redd - A Love Letter To You 5
Aug 11, 2023
Trippie Redd always had potential

To make the worst album of the year! Luckily, no one is beating Melanie Martinez this year. hElIkOPteR HeLIKopTer

I'm just kidding chill, I have nothing against Trippie Redd, it's just his latest output has been extremely mediocre. I genuinely the extreme vocal delivery that he had at first had SO MUCH potential, I mean just listen to songs like Love Scars or Love Scars Pt. 2/Rack City. The shit was so different and refreshing, and everyone was pumped to see where he would take it.

Unfortunately, he completely threw away all of his potential into the garbage bin, and started making insufferable albums, such as the absolutely empty Pegasus, the vocally insufferable Neon Shark, the extremely bloated Mansion Muzik, the boring ALLTY4, and the very lackluster !. The only decent project from him recently was Trip At Knight, and even that one grew off me.

I really wanted to like this and for him to finally drop a good project. I mean the Sextape sampled Last Days had potential, that was his best song in years. Soo, maybe this would be good?

No. Nope. Nah. It's not :( And that's unfortunate. It really seems like he doesn't care anymore to put any effort into his projects. This thing is so boring, unlike some of his other offensively bad projects, this one is just super empty and boring. The most inoffensive generic production and very phoned-in vocals, that kinda do absolutely nothing. But there are still some offensive moments like Closed Doors or Action. And "Helicopter" has to be a meme, that song is laughably bad. But at least it is kinda entertaining.

To Trippie's credit, it's not as bad as some of his other albums, but that's the only compliment I can give it. I guess it also has a few decent songs, Last Days is definitely one of his best ever probably.

Also, what are the lyrics on here? I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about half the time. He's probably high out of his mind recording this, which might be the issue. Stop smoking weed Trippie, maybe that would help?

What would make a good Trippie project? First of all, SHORTEN IT. 10 tracks at max, I don't need to hear more than 35 minutes of Trippie Redd at a time, no offense. Take some risks and put some effort into the vocals, while picking good production. Will that happen one day? Probably not, but we can only hope.

At the end of the day, no matter what he does, it will probably never be my style or something I'd listen to voluntarily, but I can appreciate artists when they do something good, even if it's not necessarily for me. This is unfortunately neither.

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Closed Doors, Action, Helikopter Helikopter (wtf lmaoo), Take Me Away, Reality, Thinking Bout You, Flowers, Tha Hate

Bro you have the worst music taste
Portals wasn't even that bad, I dont know why people hated it
Portals was the worst shit ever, I know why people hated it
6ix9ine dropped so meh
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