AOTY 2023
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Feb 22, 2023
In this challenge, I'll be taking a look at various albums I haven't heard yet from a variety of different Metal subgenres. I'm quite familiar with the genre, but I really want to dive into the specific subgenres and analyze them.

Ah yes, the good old Blackgaze. I love Blackgaze, it takes everything I love about Black Metal and throws away everything I dislike about Black Metal, it replaces it with Shoegaze elements. And while my favorite Blackgaze and Post Metal band will forever be Alcest, I've already reviewed pretty much all of their stuff except for a few albums, and I wanted to try a new band I haven't heard before for this episode. Now, I have heard of Deafheaven a million times before, but just never got around to listening to this, but I finally decided to do so. I mean if Alcest is one of my favorite bands, surely I will like this too, right?

Yes. I do like this. I actually like this quite a bit. One thing that never fails to amaze me about Blackgaze is how peaceful the Black Metal screams sound. I mean they don't sound aggressive whatsoever, they somehow sound beautiful and peaceful. That was very much the case with Alcest, and while I'd say Sunbather is definitely a heavier experience with more screaming than pretty much anything from Alcest, it still has a peaceful vibe.

In terms of the tracklist, it's really good all throughout, but I have to say the first 3 tracks are the best ones easily, the 2nd half isn't as great, but still good (except for the outro, that one is breathtaking).

The production on this record is great, I absolutely love the guitar work and the atmosphere it creates, and the vocals are incredible too. Just an awesome euphoric experience all the way, exactly what I come to Blackgaze for. It's like the best of Black Metal and the best of Shoegaze combined together. It's awesome! Not perfect or as good as Alcest, but still awesome.

FAV TRACKS: Dream House, The Pecan Tree, Sunbather, Vertigo, Irresistible
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Windows (still good, but those high-pitched sounds at the end were not pleasant)

Track Ratings
1Dream House / 100
2Irresistible / 85
3Sunbather / 100
4Please Remember / 80
5Vertigo / 86
6Windows / 75
7The Pecan Tree / 100
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