Nas - Magic 3
Sep 15, 2023
Another one? We the best music? Call me Tangerine? Tell em to bring out the whole ocean?

Respect to Nas for bumping out so many projects. The problem is that none of them really feel like they had enough time or effort put into them. Just generic conscious Hip Hop, with some "Soulful" boom-bap beats and some cool bars here and there. Nothing special, just feels redundant. Not taking any risks either. Pure quantity over quality.

This one might be a slight bit more interesting than the last one, but there's not a big difference. Nas just sounds bored man. There are a few solid tracks with some actually good beats such as TSK and especially Sitting With My Thoughts, but most of the beats feel yet again like stock Youtube beats.

It's also 15 tracks long, which is just way too long. Way too many tracks, for this kind of album, where there is no concept, no risks, just beats and bars. Especially when it's the 3rd one in a very short period of time. And I get it, some people like beats and bars, but it's not enough for me. I need something more, personally, but that's just me. And it's especially not very interesting when the actual beats and bars are generic and tired for the most part. It's not a bad album, but it just doesn't have a lot going for it, yk?

Now, to give this album some credit, it does have some good tracks, unlike the last one, which had close to no memorable tracks moments on it. Sitting With My Thoughts is actually really great, the beat is really good with an actual interesting melody and the lyrics are striking and personal, with quite a bit of emotion behind it. Based On True Events are both decent, and TSK is cool too.

I understand why he's so critically acclaimed as an MC, it's just the art itself doesn't really strike me in any way. He can clearly rap really well, but that's just not enough. Needs great production too and more ambition, more beats like Sitting With My Thoughts and I think I'd really like it. Don't think that's gonna happen though.

It's not terrible and a tiny bit better than the last one, but I really don't see much of the appeal.

FAV TRACKS: Sitting With My Thoughts, TSK
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Fever, Japanese Soul Bar

Remi rare dub, well-rounded critique.
I would argue and say this one was significantly better than the previous Magic. Crazy that he released Magic 3 only a few months after Magic 2 lol.
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