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reptilia0000 -
Listening to this shit right now... oh my god man, why bury your career this way? It isn't even infuriating like "The Revenge of Hobo Johnson" was, this is simply embarrassing, this is sad, it genuinely makes me feel as if I was seeing a dog lost in the highway, a guy that's throwing to the trash all of the promise he once showed. Terrible, and honestly at this point, I just hope this guy gets help, it's obvious that something else has to be going on, he can't just have gone and said ... read more

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reptilia0000 -
36 reviews in 5 days: Part 36/36

No way, I did it, lesgooooo! Alright, so, this is the final review of this 5-day "series", it was a lot of fun, and honestly, what better than to end with another Kanye West album, even better my favorite Kanye album.

So, I honestly just think this album is amazing front to back. I mean, look, everything, even the skits which I'm such a big detractor of are great in here. This album to me is not only the beginning of Kanye West and all of that, but ... read more
reptilia0000 -
36 reviews in 5 days: Part 35/36

Wow... what an artistic statement. So, after listening to every single Tyler, The Creator album, from afar you can tell that the big change in Tyler happened here, the moment where we can kinda say, Tyler did something that was even higher than his standards at the time, the moment people stopped looking at him like a hypebeast or just the guy from "Yonkers", this is the moment where the bar was set extremely high, and I really think it's gonna be ... read more
reptilia0000 -
36 reviews in 5 days: Part 34/36

Wanna read an original review? Get ready...

This album's very good, but "Drunk and Hot Girls" and "Barry Bonds" sucks.

Ok, seriously, I loved this album, this was honestly a really fun and pretty album to go through. Seeing Kanye get closer to this electropop sound that would later morph into "808s & Heartbreak" is genuinely something super interesting to listen to. Also, the sampling is fantastic, especially on tracks like ... read more
reptilia0000 -
36 reviews in 5 days: Part 33/36

This is the weirdest MF DOOM album... and that's amazing. So, many years after the last actual MF DOOM record, the greatest MC of all time returns with a record with a darker, grimier, and more raw tone than usual, and delivers easily his most peculiar album ever.

Now look, this is still ABSOLUTELY a DOOM album (see what I did there), it's an extremely well-put-together record that retains some of the jazz elements from the previous records, yet this one has a ... read more
reptilia0000 -
36 reviews in 5 days: Part 32/36

This is the best post-punk album of the last decade, and it's not even close. My god... this album is just way too good, probably the best one I heard come out from the 2010s. Protomartyr takes on a greedier and darker tone for their third album and it just absolutely pays off, with a very tense yet interesting atmosphere that presents to us many different tracks that criticize many different things that from afar you can tell with titles such as "Male ... read more


Jul 8, 2021
no problem mr reptilia0000
Jul 8, 2021
back in 2019 i did a challenge with a few other people to review 50 or so albums in one day and we called it sjo, don't remember what it stands for lol sorry
Jun 14, 2021
Thanks for contributing!
Jun 14, 2021
Hey! You might remember I messaged you a while back about what albums you would associate with the color red. I really enjoyed the responses from that one, so I’ve decided to do it with orange. Do you have any albums that really feel orange to you?
Jun 13, 2021
Big fax
Jun 12, 2021
Very overhyped album imo
Jun 11, 2021
Based af
Jun 11, 2021
Hi, I was able to listen to Sweet Heart, Sweet Light on Spotify but I'm aware some albums can only be listened to depending on what country you are in. It's pretty dumb honestly. You should be able to find the album on YouTube. Have a good day.
Jun 11, 2021
Great picks, the band has so few bad songs tbh


You'll mostly see Post-Punk, Indie Rock, and Indie Pop reviews on this account. I'm not a native speaker, so excuse my spelling errors. For my reviews, I take into account three things: replayability, originality, and how much I enjoyed the whole thing all the way through.

100 = I Love It
99 = Scratching Perfection
98-90 = Amazing
89-80 = Great
79-75 = Good
74-70 = Ok
69-60 = Mediocre with decent moments
59-50 = Mediocre
49-40 = Bad
39-10 = Terrible
9-0 = Avoid at all costs

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