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Eminem - Encore
Sep 25

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Arctic Monkeys - The Car
EDIT (100 to 95): I love this album, it's still on my top 3 of the year, but, I've barely even returned to this record since it came out. I also think TBH&C is just far superior to this. Still, amazing record and extremely overhated.

Double Down

Arctic Monkeys come back 4 years after their misunderstood masterpiece "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino", doubling down on the sound presented on that record, giving it a brand new perspective.

So, I love Arctic Monkeys. I mean, out ... read more

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The Cure - The Top
Aight, what the hell happened here?

I'm shocked. I actually thought this album came out before "Japanese Whispers", but no. We go from some fantastic 80s pop songs to, a messy return to square one.

This feels very obviously like The Cure experimenting and trying to find a new sound. But... in the 1983 singles, they had already found them? Maybe they recorded those songs later and just released them before, but, that adds to the question, why release this anyway? Fine, maybe as demos ... read more

The Cure - Japanese Whispers
The project that makes The Cure the coolest band ever

Right, what the hell is this!? Coming from the band's crowning achievement at the time, "Pornography", you'd expect Robert Smith and company to keep going down that Goth Rock road, but, NO! Instead they started making 80s pop songs...


I remember back when I discovered "Let's Go To Bed" thinking "why did they go down this path? And, how can it work?" I honestly find it nonsensical, yet so ... read more

The Cure - Pornography

Yeah, this is it. After two records building up towards this Goth Rock sound, The Cure finally achieve the perfect Gothic album, or as close as they can get.

This album contains probably the band's most consistent tracklist up until that point, and it really distinguishes itself from the rest of their discography, being definitely their most depressing and darkest project to date. I personally find myself in awe when it comes to the pace and atmosphere the record's able to ... read more

The Cure - Faith
Almost there

This one's fairly simple to summarize. This takes "Seventeen Seconds" and improves upon it. Slightly, sure, I think it's almost a tie between this and their sophomore release, but, I think it's enough of an improvement to set up what will be one of the band's best releases.

I find the tracklist to be somewhat inconsistent quality-wise, but, the highs are a lot higher than the lows. "The Funeral Party" and "Primary" are seriously some of the band's ... read more

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
Foundations begin to form

Pretty clearly the band's true beginning is "Seventeen Seconds". I know that statement undermines "Three Imaginary Boys" and what it meant for the band's later records, but, c'mon, we all recognize The Cure for a coldwave and goth rock sound, this is it.

I actually don't have much to say about this one. I think it's great, and I genuinely see myself thinking and going back to moments from it. I love the atmosphere of the record, as described by ... read more


Hey reptillia! Hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to let you know that my band’s debut album, “Empty Homes in Blue Light” is out now on all platforms! I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :) Here’s the AOTY link if you’re interested:

alright, i'll include that. thanks for the reply! i will get back to you once the list is complete :]
hey reptilia! to celebrate 555 followers i'm making my first community list and my question, if you'd like to participate, is this: what is your favorite project to study/work to?
Hi! I'm making a community list for the first time on here. I was wondering what your 5 favorite albums from this year and 5 least favorite albums from this year are so far. You can write little blurbs for your top album if you feel like it, I'm probably gonna pick the best ones for each album.
Hey Reptilia! To celebrate 500 followers I decided to put together my first community list from all of those who supported me along the way!

I wasn't sure what to do as pretty much everything has already been done, so I decided on this:

Imagine you're in an apocalypse, the whole world has gone to peril and you can only play one special song before everything perishes, what song are you picking and why? It doesn't need to be just one song, it can be a variety of songs if you can't choose just one.

I’ll compile everyone’s results over the next few days and I’ll let you know once the list is ready!

Thank you for your time!
Thanks for the follow!

Why did you decide to follow? Just curious 😅
Hey, reptilia0000! I just released a new single inspired by Death Grips and other synth punk acts.

If you'd like to listen: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/torrance/album/646690-iodine/
Thanks for following!!
thanks for liking my protomartyr review. still quite proud of it


You'll mostly see Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Hip-Hop (sometimes), and Indie Pop reviews on this account. If I don't rate an album someday, it's because I'm watching The Godfather (1972).

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