The Wombats - Fix Yourself, Not The World
Jan 18, 2022 (updated Jan 18, 2022)
Damn, some Radiohead fans just really don't know how to make music, and this shows

So, honestly, I hate The Wombats. To me, they just kinda fall into this category of indie pop/rock bands that are just ripoffs or tremendously uninspired. I think everyone that's heard any of their albums can tell that this band is almost on the level of Catfish and the Bottlemen of being so generic and boring to the point where just by hearing their name, you already know it's gonna suck, the big difference is, well, that Catfish somehow release some decent songs every now and then. After hearing "Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life", I kinda thought that perhaps, with some work in lyrics and sound, they could maybe make something nice and fun, but no, instead it's just the exact same album as "Beautiful People..." but even more annoying, unlikable and generic.

The whole sound of the album can be summarized in happy-go-lucky music with no intent other than just being background noise. I personally like some records that can just be left in the background, but, when you can't even do that right, that's where the problem arises. What's the point of this album? Aside from what someone else already mentioned, that is just being filler for indie radio stations, what else? Like, how can someone that at least cares a little about the music enjoy this? I mean, sure, maybe people just want to have fun, but with so many other fun and interesting albums out there, why pick this one? Hell, with the last album, even when it sucks, why not go to that one instead? At least the falsetto there is a lot more bearable than here.

Not just that, but the fact that everything on this album's trying to annoy you, just from the titles alone is enough to make this record bad, like oh my god, really? "Fix Yourself, Not The World"? "Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard"? "People Don't Change, Time Does"? Oh my god, why are the titles so pretentious? Maybe when hearing the songs you'd expect something at least somewhat charming with some satire of self-deprecating humor to maybe make the songs at least interesting, but no, it's almost the exact same song repeated for 40 minutes.

Probably the only funny thing is how the singer mentions how he should stop listening to Radiohead all day and go do something with his life, which well, yeah, I guess, but it's a lot funnier when you listen to the terrible sound of the project and just randomly hear this guy mention Radiohead.

Aside from that, this is embarrassing, and it's further proof that nowadays the genres on indie rock and indie pop are almost at their death bed, and if more projects like these keep coming out, nothing can honestly save them. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, taking into account how this probably is the worst indie rock album since Pale Waves debut, but honestly, there are far too many projects that want to just sound like commercial indie music, and in the end, they do nothing but overload genres that need anything but that.


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