Spın̈al Tap - This Is Spinal Tap
Chuck McGill everybody!

Yeah, I wasn't expecting that to be as good on its own, the fact that it's just as funny without the movie in mind gives this album a whole lot of credit. Truly one of the only times I've laughed with music, worth a listen.

New Order - Music Complete
The long goodbye

So, huh, it's been a while since I last made a review. I've tried multiple times to return and write something compelling, yet, I always found myself hating whatever I made here. But, now that I guess I've healed from the worst 5 months of my life, I think I wanna try again to keep this account a little more alive with more reviews and not just ratings of 1-3 albums a day.

Leaving this aside, I'm obsessed with New Order. I've been wanting to love this band for so long, maybe ... read more

Xiu Xiu - FORGET
Love how the reviews are either "this is awesome" or "this didn't work for me". I personally enjoyed this a lot, it's like if you gave Suicide a bigger budget, and told them to go a bit more pop. The sound of this is catchy and really pretty, and its uniqueness comes from the very weird and dark, hell even uncomfortable feel the delivery gives.

Coming from someone that doesn't like Xiu Xiu, I think this seriously is some of the coolest synth-punk I've ever heard, and I just ... read more

Arctic Monkeys - The Car
EDIT (100 to 98): I love this album, it's still on my top 3 of the year, but, I've barely even returned to this record since it came out. I also think TBH&C is just far superior to this. Still, amazing record and extremely overhated.

Double Down

Arctic Monkeys come back 4 years after their misunderstood masterpiece "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino", doubling down on the sound presented on that record, giving it a brand new perspective.

So, I love Arctic Monkeys. I mean, out ... read more

Corea - Los peores 7 km de mi vida
Los mejores 61mins de Noise de mi vida (sí, aún así es un 55)

Odio el Screamo. Bueno, en general, toda la música que se pueda considerar absurdamente ruidosa jamás me ha gustado. "Loveless" de My Bloody Valentine, "A Promise" de Xiu Xiu, "Ultrapop" de The Armed, nunca siquiera he considerado acercarme a Merzbow. Simplemente jamás me ha gustado, y dudo que algún día llegue a gustarme. ¿Eso evita que me ... read more

Joji - Sanctuary
The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language
Well Played

So, I love The 1975, they aren't my favorite band or anything, I personally don't like Matty at all, and I don't care about the rest of the members in general, but their music, when done well, goodness gracious, is it amazing. This is the only pop band that I can 100% admit I listen to, almost on a daily basis at this point.

Now, even when I'll forever defend "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships" and "I like it when you sleep..." for the rest of my days, ... read more

Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad
This feels like Bruce trying to make something like Nebraska again, I think he succeeds with the lyrics, but, musically, this album doesn't have that edge that made Nebraska so incredibly amazing and memorable.
Jean Dawson - CHAOS NOW*
EDIT (95 to 90): PIXEL BATH remains undefeated... this is still heat though.

Te quiero mucho, Jean Dawson

Ok, damn, that was heat. Honestly, I was already expecting to love this, so, this rating and review are very much biased, but my gawd man, what can I say? I love Jean's music, and, with this album, he proves he has the potential to become one of the most influential artists of the decade, and I mean, with how confident and amazing this sounds, everything Jean's missing is becoming ... read more

Jean Dawson - SICK OF IT*
Te quiero mucho, Jean Dawson

Holy shit, all the GOATs are dropping songs today. This is awesome, a lot more punk-oriented. Perhaps not my favorite from all the singles for the new album, but, it definitely is one of Jean's best.

Arctic Monkeys - Body Paint
Forget about taquerias and hotels on the moon, life is now all about body paint and mirrorballs.
Weezer - SZNZ: Autumn
Why can't we get more Weezer like this?
The 1975 - All I Need To Hear
"If I Believe You (2022 Edition)"

I haven't really commented on the band's new singles, I don't know why, so I'll use this single to do so. Aside from "Part of the Band", which feels taken from a completely different album, the rest of the singles have sounded pretty much like "I like it when you sleep...". I think it's cool they go back to the sound of their most consistent album, ditching out the overly-pretentious sound for the most part from the past 2 albums ... read more

Arcade Fire - Reflektor
EDIT (OG Score: 48): Yeah, maybe i exaggerated too much.

What did I just listen to?

So, coming straight from one of the greatest 3 album runs of all time with "Funeral", "Neon Bible" and "The Suburbs", it only took 3 more years for Arcade Fire to come back with a brand new record, one that ditches the band's most vital attributes of Chamber Pop and themes of childhood and growing up to fully embrace... dance and new wave music, with a really heavy influence from ... read more

Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame
Should've payed attention to my recommended for the past 2 years, this is actually really good.
Jean Dawson - PIRATE RADIO*
Te quiero mucho, Jean Dawson.

What I'm saying is, damn, that was beautiful, I seriously can't wait for CHAOS NOW* to come out already.

Also, that chorus, I just can't get enough of it.

Panic! at the Disco - Viva Las Vengeance
What else did we expect?

So, I've been trying to review this ever since Friday, and I just seriously don't know how. When it comes to Brendon's music, I always struggle so much because Panic! At the Disco used to mean so much to me, and nowadays, I both absolutely hate pretty much everything under the band's name, but, I also feel an enormous amount of nostalgia for it. Like, even when I don't like this music anymore, there's always that one feeling that deep inside makes me want to enjoy at ... read more

Jean Dawson - 3 HEADS*
Te quiero mucho, Jean Dawson.

What I'm trying to say is, Jean, where's the album, Jean?

Red House Painters - Red House Painters (Rollercoaster)
My favorite slowcore album

First proper review in a while, let’s go. So, ever since June, my life’s taken a rough left turn. I don’t know, it just feels like most things went south and I lost passion for like a million things, and sadly, one of them includes writing. Each time I’ve sat down to write an actual review, I just end up hating everything I’ve typed. My reviews just ended up summarizing in “I like this because it’s good” or “I ... read more

Panic! at the Disco - Don’t Let the Light Go Out
This sounds so much like a decent "Vices & Virtues" song, and, I may not like said album anymore, but I still feel a lot of nostalgia for it. This is truly one of Brendon's best songs after making Panic! At the Disco his own solo project. I don't know, I just really liked this, wish the whole record would sound like this but we already know it won't be that way.
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