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Trippie Redd - Holy Smokes
Jul 17, 2021
Holy Smokes. More like HOLY SMOKES THIS IS AWFUL!! There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this song and it is no doubt one of the worst songs I have heard this year!!! My Goodness

‘Holy Smokes’ comes in as the second single to Trippie Redd’s upcming project ‘Trip at Knight’, and given how much I enjoyed the first single ‘Miss the Rage’ with Playboi Carti combined with some of the fun collaborations Trippie and Uzi have had in the past, I was looking forward to this track, but Holy Smokes, it didn’t take long for that excitement and anticipation to be COMPLETELY drained.

The mixing to this track is AWFUL, the production is obnoxious and Trippie Redd’s delivery sounds completely half assed like he is putting absolutely no effort in, and the lyrics are nothing to write home about, and Lil Uzi Vert’s verse is not much better. While his delivery showcases a little more effort than Trippies, his flow is messy, his rapping (as well as Trippie’s) is slow and dreary and his lyrics are even worse than that of Trippie’s.

So yeah this track is darn awful, and it’s a massive shame as I have admired some of Trippie’s ambiguous attempts at combining elements of punk and rock with trap and I enjoyed quite a few tracks from ‘Pegasus’ and I found the previous single with Playboi Carti a lot of fun and to be a great duo as both artists have shown to be more ambitious with their styles of trap (especially Carti with his experimental trap album ‘Whole Lotta Red’), but any attempt the production of this track makes to be ambitious just ends up falling flat on its face, with Trippie Redd almost acting like he is lying down alongside it as the effort he incorporates in this track is incredibly minimal, and Uzi just trying to do what he can to bring other elements of the track back on its knees, but fails. I hope and pray this track stays WELL AWAY from the new record, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THIS ON THE NEW RECORD, I want it to be good or at least fun, just like with the previous single and some of the songs from Trippie’s last album, but in order to do that, DO NOT PUT THIS PILE OF GARBAGE ON THE RECORD! PLEASE!!!

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Great review! Gonna be on the album I think and I do hear the mixing issues, didn't really bother me but I can see how they could annoy another listener!! :)
Maybe because I did briefly study production in College and have a friend who is a producer, that’s why production and mixing is important to me, but that’s fine if you just liked this track for the novelty factor and enjoyment
But for me, I even failed to see the chemistry from Uzi and Trippie in this track, especially compared to other collabs they have done
Fax, studying production must've played a role for why you really noticed it and affected the listening experience. Yeah I do have to admit that the chemistry was off, don't think this is the best track to put Uzi on but yeah, glad we agree on that!! :)
Thanks ๐Ÿ™ And I hope we can both agree that Miss the Rage was better
@Rhino Miss the Rage much better lol! :)
I strongly disagree miss the rage is definitely better but this songs been stuck in my head for so long and i loove the beat, the mixing is fine to me but i understand your other critiques so good review regardless bro ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
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