Jun 4, 2021
I've never wanted an elaboration for a different music taste more in my life.
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 22, 2021
As I am planning on making a list from AOTY users, I would like to ask this question: What is an album that you and your parents like? Please elaborate if you'd like :)
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jan 27, 2021
Do you have any recommendations, it can be anything honestly. I was checking your goodreads account and was looking at your perfect/near perfect scores, I’ll start there, but further reading after finishing those books. Thanks!
Jan 27, 2021
Glad to see you on the site! 👍

October 2021 Playlist