Morrissey - I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
Mar 21, 2020
Even though I periodically listen to Morrissey's solo material, I do not endorse or support any of his grim political views and statements.

Anyway, isn't this a website about music? So let's discuss about it.

I was curious about this album. The singles weren't that bad...I guess?
As a massive Smiths fan it's quite hard to jump to Morrissey's solo efforts, because they never quite match the same greatness as the band's discography.
I have to say, what impressed me the most on "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" is the instrumentals. Like the past two albums, they have this plastic feel to it and every single instrument present on this album have this weird filter or feel to them that I can't quite explain nor compare to some other album I listened to.
I never thought I'd hear synthesizers on Morrissey songs like I did hear on this record. Easiest explanation would be an attempt of modernization, I suppose. Maybe Morrissey does realise he's getting more and more irrelevant and alienated, so he's trying to keep up. Can't say he's failing though.
Morrissey's lyrics on this record continue to be fresh, dealing with themes like the political and social landscape we're living in on "Love Is On Its Way Out", the absence of a loved one (by physical distance I'd say) on "Darling, I Hug A Pillow", and a melancholic expression of the frustrations of getting older and feeling betrayed by time itself on "My Hurling Days Are Gone".
I'd say my favourite track is "Knockabout World". It's straightforward, the instrumental is rich (highlight to the string arrangements and the guitar) and the lyrics are decent.
The title track was musically quite pleasing (being one of the most powerful of the album), but the lyrics...Morrissey's ego is quite resilient isn't it? He expresses his right to speak his mind, and accepts the fact that he'll always have people against him and condemning his views. It's a good message, but ironic at least.
Also, the chorus on "Jim Jim Falls"...Inciting suicide? That's just bad...And don't forget that this song is the first on the record!!
The length of "The Secret Of Music" was unnecessarily large in my view, and the lyrics feel like Morrissey was attempting to write a poem in middle school...A weird track.
"The Truth About Ruth" has a medieval aesthetic to it (or at least it's what came to my mind), contributing for the musical diversity on the record.
To conclude, it's an improvement considering the last album. Not saying this album is terribly weak, but I hope the next album will be better, and that Morrissey just shuts up (politically speaking), and focuses on doing what he still has the chance of being appreciated for: making music.
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