Bull Of Heaven - 209: Blurred With Tears and Suffering Beyond Hope
Apr 12, 2019
i think my previous review would've worked better for this, but uh...this is probably the last review i'm posting on this site, because i've gotten tired of managing both this and my rym, and i also just don't really like this site anymore. i haven't for a while, and anything i put on here is basically an afterthought because i'm so focused on rym. so thanks for following along, i guess? 555 is a nice number to end off on, i think. obviously i won't be re-rating anymore, so if you wanna keep up with my latest stuff, check here: https://rateyourmusic.com/~rika_

with that out of the way, let's actually talk about this album. here's a quick breakdown of each excerpt:

Excerpt A (1:37:37)

not a bad start. the user Decibelle compared the sound to a helicopter blade spinning in their review, and i'd have to agree. i can't think of any other way to describe it. probably too long, but i didn't really mind it. 5.5/10

Excerpt B (1:33:52)

it's basically the same thing, but slowed down. 5/10

Excerpt C (1:42:24)

i'll just repeat what i said about it on my list of the longest tracks i've listened to: "the loop is literally a few seconds long at most and it doesn't appear to change in the slightest for the entire duration. utterly offensive. the only thing it has going for it is the fact that you can focus on different elements to hear a completely new version of it, but that gimmick (which is most likely not intentional at all) wears off really quickly, and i just wanted it to be over." 4.5/10

Excerpt D (1:36:40)

might be my favorite of the helicopter blade drones, actually. it appears to be playing at its intended speed, so it doesn't have any of the ugly artifacts that come with slowing something down and lowering its pitch (though in the case of Excerpt A i think that actually worked to the advantage of its atmosphere, but i digress.) 5.5/10

overall, not bad, but not that remarkable either. wouldn't recommend it unless you're super curious. ok bye i guess lol
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