VV - Neon Noir
Jan 17, 2023
Echolocate Your Love - 8.5/10
Run Away from the Sun - 7.5/10
Neon Noir - 10/10
Loveletting - 5/10
The Foreverlost - 7.5/10
Baby Lacrimarium - 4/10
Salute the Sanguine - 7.5/10
In Trenodia - 4/10
Heartful of Ghosts - 6/10
Saturnine Saturnalia - 8/10
Zener Solitaire - 3/10
Vertigo Eyes - 6.5/10

Final and Avg Score - 6.5/10

I was not expecting much from this after the singles didnt impress me but honestly, this is straight down the middle, when its good, its fantastic but it is a bit choppy in points where it can be better as it can get a little boring and Same-y sometimes.

I know Ville's Vision for this was to make Music that is alot separate to the Music he made with HIM but it still appeals to the gothic Market that he catered to so well with His Infernal Majesty, its very 80s Goth, Synths all over the place, about Love and Loss.

The Title Track is excellent, really keeps you in it for the whole runtime, it can feel a bit longer especially with how inconsistent the album is in general, it knows what it wants to be which is a very good thing, its a straightforward Record, not much to really analyze

Its good for what it is and what it is is a Good Synth Goth Pop record from a Goth Icon, as i said. Its Patchy in points but a great Debut singles release even if i really didnt like some Tracks its still quite Decent, 6.5

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