Ronald Reagan - Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine
Jan 4, 2021
I was at school during a huge sleepover that was arranged in the gym, and they were serving chicken wraps. These chicken wraps were laced with stomach poison. My friends went to go watch Toy Story 2 on the gym wall. There was this kid who looked like the main singer in RONALD REGAN and he was running into the girl’s bathroom. I didn’t assume anything but I did follow him in. He was panting and dripping sweat as he probably assumed he was alone, he fucking shat so hard that it sounded like an elephant blowing it’s nose and it echoed through the entire room. I couldn’t help but scream god-DAMN! as somebody else walked in and laughed. It was probably humiliating, but the shit had broken the stall door open. He tried to avoid eye contact with me and my friend, but that’s when the mess (pun intended) really started. After he pressed the button, the water rose but it just kept rising. We all painfully watched it creep to the top hoping it would stop, but it just kept going. We then watched this guy’s shit and water beneath it spill over the edges, p pouring onto the floor. The water kept going out, pretty soon the people besides me were going, “what the hell is that!” We were frantically panicking at this point, we knew that it would start flooding the room so we had to make a dash for it. Ronald ran out the stall and my friend also joined him but I tripped over my shoelace and got trapped in the shit room. I don’t know what happened to me. After waking up in the nurses’s office, i heard Ronald Regan Speaks out against Socialized Medicine playing in the gym, live. FML

Tell @basic_Garci im sorry
Jan 6, 2021
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