Camila Cabello - Familia
May 1, 2022
This is the best example of a thing that happened to me listening to albums recently: The 'Motomami' effect: When you think an upcoming album Is going to be so terrible but when it's out, you change your mind about it and that keeps on bothering me because I know I should not under or overrate albums without listening to them.

So, Familia, quite a pretentious name. I was not expecting really much about this, besides 'Don't Go Yet' was very good to me, she later release 'Oh Na Na' and it was really blanc, and I thought this used to be another album by an American artist trying to sell shit as "Latino culture", BUT IS NOT!

How? Well, Camila is being honest in all ways. This album doesn't feel exaggerated like 'Romance' or simply bland and forgettable as 'Camila'. The main problem that i have with it is the title: ¿Dónde coño está la 'Familia' en esto?. There's not a single song talking about her family or something related to.

Musically is not THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR but for her standards, this is a good step forward, away from her past.

'Bam Bam' is growing a lot for me and I started playing it daily. 'Hasta Los Dientes' is just a banger. Don't Go Yet, i was wrong, i didn't overrated you before, finally 'La Buena Vida' and 'No Doubth' are definitely good reasons to play this album, I swear, it worth every second.

Conclusions: 75
* Good lyrical content
* Improvement on musical production
* Perfect vocal performance
* Amazing Spanish pronunciation (I'm a native speaker)

Track Ratings
2Celia / 63
3psychofreak / 78
4Bam Bam / 72
5La Buena Vida / 85
6Quiet / 74
7Boys Don't Cry / 68
8Hasta Los Dientes / 89
9No Doubt / 83
10Don't Go Yet / 77
11Lola / 56
12everyone at this party / 46
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