2021 Listening Log

Listening Log from 2021

Yu Su - Yellow River Blue
New age mixed with trip hop... becoming part of my studying playlist.
Black Country, New Road - For the first time
One of the best ever first-listens I've ever had. Mesmerizing music.
Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight
On first listen: the production on this is terrible. First half is rather decent but the second half...
Hayley Williams - FLOWERS for VASES / descansos
A bit incosistent, but this is very well written. it showcases how good Hayley Williams is as a songwriter.
slowthai - TYRON
Like how the two sides of the record complement each other.
Mogwai - As The Love Continues
A little bit too long, first half stronger than second.
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - CARNAGE
Pretty much perfect at first listen
Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist
A bit more run of the mill hardcore compared to their last record. Still, some bangers thereon first listen
Julien Baker - Little Oblivions
I found it very beautiful, but it didn't hit me at first. Hopefully it will grow.
Adler Jack - Transient
Much potential here clearly, massive Yves Tumor vibes in its sound. But the mastering :(((
Beatriz Pessoa - Primaveras
It's cute. Only that.
Moonspell - Hermitage
Honestly: I really like how atmospheric the record is, it really shines through. And there's some really good proggy compositions here, but I'm not sure if it will grow on me. We will see.
Balthazar - Sand
This is a record that is more pop than their last outing, but I still enjoyed it. Not bad at all, even if I found it a bit underwhelming at times
Tindersticks - Distractions
Liked this one quite a bit!
Kings of Leon - When You See Yourself
Liked it. It sounds too much like Interpol at times, but its their best work since... the mid 2000's?
Fake Fruit - Fake Fruit
This is niceeeeeeeeee
파란노을 [Parannoul] - To See the Next Part of the Dream
Lots of really cool things, but honestly, it's a little too long.
Really From - Really From
Thought it would be better. Might revisit soon.
Cloud Nothings - The Shadow I Remember
Steve Albini. Liked this, but needs more listens to fully digest it.
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club
Not as good as NFR, without a doubt.
Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth
Australian music scene man.
Luca Argel - Samba de Guerrilha
Important listening and history.
Xiu Xiu - Oh No
I quite like the duets here but I need to do some relistens. It's not very immediate.
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