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did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion to 0%. heya! i'm abe! and i'm here because of impa mates. 😄
Danny Brown's Basement
They call me Lil Wayne's retarded little cousin I am happy with my scores
The little train station in Harpers Ferry
And all I couldn't sing, I would say it all, my life, to you If I could get you at all Trying to be something that I wasn't at all I'm not a critic, so don't take me seriously
Don't expect an 100 to last beyond a day, I'm very indecisive and what quantifies perfection changes daily. Rating system 100 - There is literally nothing wrong with this, absolutely beautiful from front to back 99 - 90 : Phenomenal, god tier but has a few minor nitpicks 89 - 80 : Really great, recommend to anyone 79 - 60 : Good. Not much more to say. I recommend if you like the genre it exists in. 59 - 50 : Eh. No feelings either way. 49 and below : I'll pass
My rating system: 10 - Masterpiece 9 - Amazing 8 - great 7 - very good 6 - good 5 - alright 4 - mediocre 3 - bad 2 - really bad 1 - Kill me
Crazy, wanna come?
"All my favorite singers couldn't sing." My scores are a reflection of my overall enjoyment and less of any critical analysis. I've never been a fan of numbers to be honest. Anyways, if you have a music suggestion feel free to share! I'm also into gardening and can give advice if needed! Take care and God bless! Social & Games: Switch: SW-7448-8869-4375 PSN/Insta: throwbackgmac
Istanbul, Turkey
"100": Masterpiece 95-90: Marvelous 85-80: Great 75-70: Decent 65-60: Passable 55-50: Mediocre 45-40: Poor 35-30: Bad 25-20: Awful 15-10: Horrendous 05-00: Atrocious
My name's Stephanie and I like music lol.
Uhh hi
"I See it All" - Michael Gira
ElectricMess' twin
heaven or las vegas
manic pixie dream pop 100: uwu all time fav 95-99: uwu personal classics 90-94: uwu phenomenal 85-89: uwu really great 80-84: uwu really good/great 70-79: good, not that good tho 60-69: decent enough, still enjoyable 50-59: eh it's ok 40-49: kinda bad 30-39: regrets 20-29: pretty bad 10-19: The Wall 0-9: h
London, England
A British boi who loves all things Rock Rating System: 100: All time favourite 99-95: Phenomenal 94-90: Fantastic 89-80: Great 79-70: Good 69-60: Ok 59-50: Eh, probably wouldn't listen to again 49-40: Pretty bad 39-30: Bad 29-20: Terrible 19-10: Awful 9-1: Not worth listening too 0: The worst
New Jersey
I listen to stuff I think I'll like so uhhh don't expect many ratings below 50.
i listen to albums people say are good, and then say they are also good. unless...they aren't
Your mom’s house
I’m an Ozzy Osbourne obsessed metalhead hi
Somewhere, probably listening to music.
I don't use this anymore a lot of these ratings are out of dated please go to my RateYourMusic page instead
I'm a taco that came to life for no reason and now I listen to music even though I have no ears NOTE: I recommend reading my reviews rather than only looking at my ratings, since they don't always represent my opinions that well. But here's a general idea of how I'd rate something: 0-9 Atrocious 10-19 Terrible 20-29 Really bad 30-39 Bad 40-49 Not good 50-59 Meh 60-69 Okay 70-79 Good 80-89 Great 90-94 Fantastic 95-99 Exceptional 100 LISTEN TO THIS NOW Also I like literally everything Bye
Wisconsin, USA
I'm an 18 year old who really likes rap. I rate 100% off of personal enjoyment. Most ratings are also just after one listen. If you want to know the more "developed" ratings, look through the albums that I've made a review for, as I've listened through each of those many times. Rating Scale: 10 - Absolute favorites 9 - Love 8 - Like 7 - Almost/Kind of like 6 - Neutral 5 - Almost/Kind of dislike 4 - Dislike 3 - Strongly dislike 2 - Hate 1 - Extreme hate 0 - Specially reserved for the worst

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