Feb 19, 2019
If Big L and Doggystyle era Snoop Dogg fused that is Apache

Favorite:A Fight
Least Favorite:None
Feb 19, 2019
50% Good tracks 50% Bland tracks
Favorite:Wu Tang Forever,YSIV
Least Favorite:One Day,Ordinary Day
Jan 9, 2019
Jay's best work
Jan 7, 2019
Biggie's flows were ahead of its time but I prefer Life After Death.
Favorite Track:Suicidal Thoughts
Worst Track:None
Jan 5, 2019*
Dedicating one album just to diss Trump by Popinem feat.Ed Sheeran
Dec 17, 2018
Guys.Drake was never good.Of course he had songs like Poetic Justice and Fuckin Problems but still his solo works were always mediocre as hell
Dec 7, 2018
It isn't as bad as people say but still not good.It has a decent flow but the lyrics are pretty cringy and kinda gets repetitive as time goes on.It sometimes feel like that X tries to hard to be edgy and emotional with his lyrics.Still better than Look At Me or ? though.And as most of you guys know a 4/10 means mediocre for me.
Favorite:Jocelyn Flores
Least Favorite:Fuck Love
Nov 22, 2018
Its just meh.
Nov 22, 2018
People call this Punk.Yeah totally sounds like Dead Kennedys,ATDI,Misfits,Embrace and Rites Of Spring(Irony)
Nov 1, 2018*
An album mt thoughts changed after listening.I hated the album but now I think its just meh
Oct 20, 2018
Great mixture of Black Metal and Folk.Almost Perfect
Sep 27, 2018
I change my mind this is the best Kanye albun Imao
Sep 25, 2018
Lets be honest.Lil Wayne was never good
Sep 9, 2018*
Greatly produced Rap album but lyrically its not his greatest.Still a great album
Sep 5, 2018
The only thing Lil Pump can say is Gucci Gang and he suddenly becomes the next generation of Hip Hop.Genius
Sep 5, 2018
Ok jokes aside it is not like 1/100 like Lil Pump and Despacito I gotta admit some songs here are catchy but at the same it is so mediocre and annoying.Its a mediocre album.
Sep 3, 2018
Wow a 60 good job Allmusic.You dare give this masterpiece a 6/10
Sep 3, 2018
76 is a decent album.Some tracks are great but there are too many unforgetable tracks
Sep 3, 2018*
Meh but still better than Revival
Sep 2, 2018
I liked the fact that he mixed clean and harsh vocals but the album itself was bland
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